Preview of Unique Item Concept Art From 3.2.0

1.) The Shaper won the War for the Atlas

2.) Mad Max is now in the Abyss

3.) Self-lobotomy helment MTX

4.) Enemas in Wraeclast are quite painful
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That helmet is awesome.
Everything looks great, but... the 2nd one looks like a set, please tell me your not going to set items.... it would ruin the game, everyone would be sporting the same build, like other wore out ARPGs...
i dont really understand why the first one is inverted but oh well. Pls no set items, would absolutely ruin the game.
Second concept art is my favorie, just pure primal carnage. First and fourth one looks stylish. The third one was designed especially for masochists ;-)
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if the last ones a staff the only thing I can assume is it'll be trash like every other staff with the possible exception of pledge of hands :p (or hegis for the few players that use it)

+3, good caster stats it has to compete with dual wield ;p
I LOVE the Elder "tentacle" chest and the gladiator helm!
"Wet" * :)
Concept art, sure.. lovley stuff. Immagenary artword.. great..



Where is HelmetOne? ;)

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