Preview of Unique Item Concept Art From 3.2.0

Wow! More garbage uniques to salvage to vendors, that's great!
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A streamer said "someone who doesn't work for GGG told me they are going to release new character classes". I think it was Chris Wilson himself who said in an interview he plays mostly characters that are not in the game. With this we can all come up with wild rumors that may or may not be true as we enjoy the speculating game, truth be told.
Qist wrote:
I guess it will be arena based league. Where you enter arena with cool hunting set or gladiator equipment and fight waves of animals (monsters). If you can do it in certain time colosseum people will vote for freedom or last fight. Eventually you will have chance that organizator of arena might fight you himself kinda as a boss. As reward you will be released to another zone where will be choice of 3 chests but only can pick one. There will be ranks in colosseum to unlock higher tears and harder zones with better chances of good reward.

Now where have we seen this before? Certainly not the labyrinth.
Well it's clear. We're going to b proving ourselves in an Arena of some sort.
Maybe this will be a PVP-Centric, or Exile VS Exile league, OR just enter a side arena to prove yourself to Leo or some other entity. That, and connecting the dots with a post you made long ago mentioning something about the update being as "small" as Forsaken Masters.

All this gladiator stuff, the "Harpoon" like spear, the Bascinet, the cool animal inspired armor-set. It has to be an Arena based interaction! I've guessed Harbinger right, I'm sure I'm right about this one too!
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Miazga wrote:
cool concept,

shame GGG as always will not make a 3d model for it, and it will look like all the other shit armours and weapons in game.

But hey !! we all can buy more MTX's to make it look right
Yeah it's just for tooltip image obviously. Wtf?
I really like the evil and dirty thing.
The tentacles armor is sick.
How about new currency like Orb of Shaping and Elder Orb which can turn any base item to Shaped or Elder item respectively? They could be rare like Exalted Orb or Annulment Orb.

Different tiers could be there to upgrade different iLVLs.
i liked the first one
Nice :D

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