Preview of Unique Item Concept Art From 3.2.0

Bringer of pain 2nd
So excited, bring it on!!!
If you don't have anything nice to say, zip your lip!!!
The lone helm looks good.
Can we get something more realistic for a change?
Feels like something atlantide inspiring, sea and things like that.
Im playing the game since few month only but as someone who like to think and theorycraft im eager to see whats new, all i can hope is that tree change for we can have more path and build free creation and not allways go check ALL HP and things like in the same way
The art team just keeps getting better and better. These look amazing. The helmet especially.
the first with tentacles is clearly the Madman set in Bloodborne game.
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forky141 wrote:
The first pic looks like it could be tentacles from Merveil's Attendant So the armor could be part alive motion armor or something on those lines......

I`m wondering if we have to somehow use an object to skin and make armors via the creature kills.

Boss kills for their skin will most probably be op soo really hard to get etc etc

So do I get a prize for guessing right or goddam well close lmao.............
when is the big 4 unique reveal this weekend?

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