Preview of Unique Item Concept Art From 3.2.0

D3izhistory wrote:
looks like the alien impregnation thing for a helm

edit: um now that particular concept image is gone .... am i getting trolled

no, the reddit community manager explained it there.
that helm looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess it will be arena based league. Where you enter arena with cool hunting set or gladiator equipment and fight waves of animals (monsters). If you can do it in certain time colosseum people will vote for freedom or last fight. Eventually you will have chance that organizator of arena might fight you himself kinda as a boss. As reward you will be released to another zone where will be choice of 3 chests but only can pick one. There will be ranks in colosseum to unlock higher tears and harder zones with better chances of good reward.
pretty fucking sick! can't wait :D
Please don't be sets. Sets kill build variety. Sets killed Diablo 3. Sets are the work of the devil.
the Helmet and the animal skin armor is cool.
I'm not into tentacles, so no comment on 1st set.
the staff will melt my PC.
they look cool...but wat r they ...another 1 geez
Ritual League

Area contains a tribal totem

Tribal totems appear in maps and buff enemies in it's vicinity (maybe entire map?).

Tribal totems are protected by a rare mobs and sometimes a unique boss.

Drops special jewelry and weapons that stack affects to each other.
Someone (DemigodkingLoL I think) said they predict Elder wins the war for the Atlas and kills the shaper. This was just based on the War for the Atlas trailer. That would explain the tentacles on the armour.
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Would really love to see some 3d art for some of the older items in the game....

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