Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Daresso versus Kaom ShadowBox
first post yay. I made a Shavronne face. dont know if i got it right though..

Arckon wrote:
"all-inclusive"!?!?! sweet
I animated the chieftain portrait as offering to get him a buff.

Nasty compressed .gif!, view the better quality WebM's down below instead.

Full resolution
Half resolution

nice work mate this would look amazing on wallpaper engine , what did you use for this if you dont mind me asking PS ?

Wanted to make a comic cover like old marvel/1990~~ ones and im quite happy from end result, at least i learned how to draw a nebula :D.

I have made also 2 divination cards few months ago, but never posted em in any talent competition, just one time on reddit - (wings of seraph was supposed to be a unique item, but had no idea how to design it, so lets say this card would give just Sin's Rebirth maybe).
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My submission. 3d art.
Here is my drawing, im not pro but i wanted to participate at any cost ;)

Hi, this is my submission for the competition. I wanted to participate the years before but I never had time,now I got some free time and was able to make my first drawing related to Path of Exile.
Thank you for watching!
My second amateur soundtrack "Determination". This time the theme is Arena. Inspired by "G4F Records" channel, I added an equalizer for the beautiful look. Hope you will enjoy it! :)
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Catarina, Master of the Dead
"Womans of Wraeclast"
I know in game is more female character but didn't have more time to draw.

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