Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Can you @admins delay the deliver time a couple of hours? T_T
... or days? :(
DeviTara wrote:

I did get the chance to make a le hupe of all ring for my husband, too.

nice ring
Poe Pvp experience
i hope all players participated in the contest who put their efforts somewhat have consolation prices even if they didnt win.. just so everyone will be happy and make sure the next time they join again in the future contest everyone will join... my art is nothing compared to other arts here they are all excellent good job guys!!!! and best of luck to us all who participated...! :P
I think everyone here has at least someone to feel humbled by if they've taken the time to scroll through these pages. It's always pretty cool to see just how creative people in our community can get.
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I made a trailer that base on my character, Shadow.
This is my entry for this contest! hope you like it!

Video Link:

GRINDING in PoE is FUN, also feel more rewarding, especially in solo self-found hardcore!
sarmkadan wrote:
leen123 wrote:
Well hi guys, here's our entry!

This is an original song with lyrics which reference the lore a bit.
Vocals are by Courtney Grier, she doesn't play Poe though. Guitar played by Jakob van Lenten, username AstroBeater and composed, written and produced by me.

Hope you enjoy!

Where and how did you do flying camera from Path of exile? ( i mean how do you control camera so hight?)

Hi, i simply took footage from many different poe trailers.

Here's my metal cover of the "Lioneye's Watch" music:


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I know it's too late, but I was convinced by people from reddit to post it here. What do I have to loose? Will be back with better one on one of next ones anyway. In meantime, enjoy Path of Tetris:
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