Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Despite my best efforts I couldn't finish the shading in time for my contest submission (also because I tried to do too much in a week). So to just commemorate a week spent on this artwork here's the outline. I still intend to finish it though...even if the shaded version won't be considered for this comp.

The Puppetmaster


See it also here:
"On the neon-lit streets the passersby are all armed with stylish clothes
The more rubbish this farce is, the more I'll be able to enjoy it."
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The Twilight Strand - Burning Arrow

More of my work here:

Well that took a while...
The above video is Wraeclast, created seamlessly in a 3D world.

Edit: Was too tired to write a full description. The layout of the map follows the waypoints on the in-game map. Towns and civilizations, as well as corruption aren't included because I wanted to show the land untouched by civilization, before the vaal, exiles, or the many other visitors to Wraeclast had arrived.

Here are some stills taken outside of the camera path:


Mountain Climb


Southern Forest / Old Fields

Northern Forest
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I decided I would try to make art similar to the stained glass in act 5, but instead utilizing the conflict over the Atlas between The Shaper and Elder.

Occultist Witch Cosplay with goat head armor, le heup of all ring, bone necklace and breath of the council. I had plans to do more but time limited me!

Everything is homemade by me. Materials used: cardboard, painters tape, glue (lots of glue), acrylic paint, wire, beads, sculpey, aluminum cans, tinfoil, fishing line and leds.




More costume details





I did get the chance to make a le hupe of all ring for my husband, too.


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While waiting for the next league I was playing my other favorite game and that's what I came up with for a talent competition.

The melody is picked by ear so if you are a musician and can hear the false notes that I can't, I am sorry.
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Actually league is Abyss then, fortunately last day was small storm on Baltic sea.
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Hello There!
I'm entering the talent competition with a splash art. My thoughts were "Ranger in Danger" and "Blood Apes with some Drop Bear hugs"... I wasn't able to complete the image due to IRL stuff - but here it is! Hope you guys enjoy it :)
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Put together an original song chronicling Weylam Roth and the Brinerots' battle against the Leviathan.
Always wanted to make a pirate-y song and with the introduction of Weylam I figured there's no better time than now.

Here's "Roth's Legacy". Hope you enjoy!

Verse 1 - Weylam Roth
All hands, on deck, the beast returns once more
Prepare, the Crest, and ye' selves for war
The Brinerot Clan will score glory galore
For sinking the Brine King's brood down to the ocean floor

Chorus - Crew
A glimpse of the flag and in terror they flee
Pillaging and Plundering is the Black Crest's spree
For gold and glory and all the rest, the weak will feed our greed
From Pondium to Oriath, we terrorize the seas

Verse 2 - Weylam Roth
Avast, ye curs, Brinerot's don't squirm and hide
To sea, and sky, I vow tonight the beast dies
This last harpoon will mark the end of yer life
For I'm Rot-Tooth Roth and I take what's mine

Chorus - Crew:
A glimpse of the flag and in terror they flee
Pillaging and Plundering is the Black Crest's spree
For gold and glory and all the rest, the weak will feed our greed
From Pondium to Oriath, we terrorize the seas
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"Leaving Lioneye's Watch"

[Oil on canvas]

I gave myself a challenge to complete a painting representing entering The Coast after leaving the safety of Lioneye's Watch and also replicate the wave physics in Path of Exile.

The timeframe was two afternoons, starting yesterday.


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