Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

My late entry....

Better late than never.

You can download a larger version here: just click the download button.
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Spirit Force Relinquished

Here is my Entry, I remade the Charged Dash Jewel using Photoshop.

I used one color with a large range of tints and shades. Multiple layers of texture, effects and designs.

I started with the redesign of the Jewel, and placed the rune on the inside of the gem because Charged dash is using the Soul/energy from within as a weapon. Lastly I created the Scimitar swords from the energy of the jewel.

I used Charged Dash Jewel as a reference image, a range of various tutorials for each effect, lighting, technique and texture.
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It felt like waking, except not from sleep, my body beaten and full of pain, I felt wet, a noise, like a piecing scream one then many. It was like the ground had taken hold of me, as I wretched my body to roll over the sand gave way it's hold and I gasped what felt like my first breath.

Now my eyes open I could see the gulls all around screaming getting close enough to see the sharpness of their beaks. With great effort I rolled again on to my elbow and bought my knees up beneath me, this triggered motion within me and up came nothing short of a gallon of water from inside me. This immediately made me feel more alive.
Looking to my right I saw a man's feet tracking up with my head I could a man lay a few yards from me he looked no better than I, but it was a hope he could tell me what had happened and more, where we could be!

Pushing up and getting my foot under to stand, I was surprised I made it, I could see now the to view of my situation had not improved, but made me feel all the more lost, my head pounding and could see another lay close to the first man, paler... Dead even.

Stepping forward the man's eyes open and he spoke I felt I had never seen him before and by his tone nor he I.
He said: That'll do for now. I thought I saw some smoke rising just north of here. Could be worth checking if- ...

Then suddenly cutting off as the man I thought dead rose to a sitting position and lunged forward sinking his teeth into the man's neck blood sprayed out over the reeling man as he cried out and was overwhelmed.
In that moment it felt like I should fight or run my eyes searched to ground before me, shell's, seaweed and rotten wood scattered before me, my eyes scanned on then a green gem caught my eye, a handle a guard, I lunged gasping, the wet sand cleanly giving way to a glassy looking dagger... This could be enough, my eyes flicked back the attacker had started to move toward me, it's eyes pale and dead, I slashed and stabbed at it.
I was not to become food for this less than this human creature, the dagger bit into its flesh which felt tough to the penetrate, as a hand lashed out to grab the rags I wore. Darting backwards I found speed in my legs as my heart raced, then in again as it tried to rise, this time the flesh gave way, I struck deep and hard with a slash across the shoulder up and out through its neck, a mortal wound the creature did to flinch. Again I stabbed this time a more reckless attach which plunged downwards through its cheek into the throat below, with less than a sigh it fell flat on the sand.

I started to take in my surrounds, the water of the sea lapped at the sandy coast that stretched out of sight before me, at first it seemed as though only rocks featured, then as my eyes began to adjust the overcast gloom, I could see a cluster of lights maybe even a jetty.
It was the only direction I could go with rocks behind me and an unkind climb to the ridge that hemmed in the shore.

I Bagan to walk...
I had avoided many of what seemed like my attacker, undead! And picked up some boots along the way, to go with the tatters of clothing that hung from my weak frame. The lights were real I felt close as the beach broadened, and the cliff got higher. Then to my right I noticed movement, staggering out from behind the rocks, a man, no bigger than a man wider too, there was more life in him than the others but not by much as it ambled towards me I could now see that many arrows stuck out from its torso and even a sword buried deep in its chest did not see this monsters end... There was more there a glow of green Iit it's face and seemed as though it came from the sword itself ... Closer he came the bigger he seemed, at a few feet away his big arm came up and swung around, but even now I was still out of range, I side stepped the lunge and move around I could see no escape except to go back the way I had come and this was no escape at all.
My attention was on my foe as I avoided another attack, no doubt that even one hit would render me incapacitated or worse... I lashed out with the dagger which cut into the monster was no problem, but also seemed to have no effect, the next attack came and faster, I ducked low, before coming up directly in front slashing in an upward arc, expecting something, I didn't notice his left arm coming across in time to completely avoid it, as I twisted away and bought both arms up to protect myself I was thrown to the floor, the pain shot through my arm and shoulder, but I knew he would be on me again if I did not moved right away, rolling two times over I looked up to see he was almost with me again, as I came up to one knee and in time to launch myself back out he’s reach. The dagger had been knocked from my hands when I was hit. Circling now and scanning the sand around me I notice a thin steel spike coming out of the sand just in the path of my foe, again I circled as he passed drawing him away, now I thought and I ran and dove to the floor grasping to pull the blade free, a lot more came free than I had expected I clasped the rapier and I thought what luck and bolted upright. Another lumbering backhand came swinging close dodging back and forwards to plunge the sword twice into its massive chest, finally a groan came he could be hurt, and that means despite its decaying appearance even hopefully killed.

Then it stopped its relentless pursuit and reached up and took hold of the glowing blade that was stuck so deep into the beast it protruded for its back, maybe this was part of its un-life, things were now twice as bad, the pursuit started again, now his attack would truly be deadly… my throat dry backed to the sea, thankfully his speed had improved non and the first attack came long and slow easily avoided now do or die I stabbed relentlessly, the inevitable back swing came and I tried to parry to keep up the attack, my blade shared off as I glanced the blow up and away, I was left with six inches of the sword and immanent death… I jumped towards the giant grabbing two of the arrows that stuck frim in its chest and began to stab wildly at where it’s heart should be, the beast rocked back after the 7th or 8th stab and I pushed trying use the imbedded arrows lavage, with my last effort and while it seemed momentarily stunned I changed my plan of attached and took the handle into both hands and drove down into the top of the knee as hard as I could, if I could not kill this beast I would make sure he could not pursue me any longer.

I almost fell, staging a few yards away, I was spent I could not have gotten away even if it had slowed this foe. Lying on the sand I could feel the cool wind drying the sweat on my face as I gasped for air, possibly my last. Now it had gained its composure and turned toward me the same cold look of death in his eyes, unrelenting he began to stride to where I lay leaning on my elbow, then with a crunch and a groan the knee gave way as he planted his foot down, driving his massive frame to the ground both fore arms went up to the break its fall and the sword held tight plunged deep into the beasts’ throat, exiting the left side almost scything it off complete as the mass crumpled forwards.

It was dead my head fell back and I lay there motionless for a while, then thought I must go on if I am to survive this place, I went over to the huge body lying there and decided I will need a sword if I were to make it, wrestling it from his grasp I heard a voice in my head, it said it spoke of being free, and desire of using me to bring it back to life, it felt good like the energy passed through the handle to me to, revitalising my body, what terrible toll would it take in return… just then I saw a light, what had seemed and impassable wall now shone with an opening biding me towards it, I walked in to the light and that day I found I was one of many exiled to this place.

Here is my Talent competition entry. Managed to finish and get it photographed just in time! I did a sculpture in SuperSculpey clay of Shakari, Queen of Sands and then painted it. The sculpture is about 5-6 inches high.


hope I can make it in time for a bit of retouching

More completed version

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Last Minute... :)

sheduws dunt suck

Champion that which you love. He who fights for nothing dies for nothing.

Inspired by the Champion Ascendancy class for Duelist.

To be painted...
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Now you need to find Tasuni =)

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