Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Towlg wrote:
Not that I expect something but I made this. It's something.

"Behold My Army"

Headhunter dropped in Spider Forest?

A pile of headhunters :D
Here's my submisson - a Rogue exile Concept art : Eogan Myrddin !


nice work mate this would look amazing on wallpaper engine , what did you use for this if you dont mind me asking PS ?

photoshop and after effects
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My submission and first post to the forums, hurray!

"Still sane Exile?"

I missed the last competition, so I'm glad I could be part of this one and show my appreciation for the community and the staff :) - I started this piece when the competition was announced and I've honestly lost count of how long it has taken me.

this is my first competition, made it in time, w00t!

My second entry :)
Goodluck Everyone!
Lots of awesome stuff in here so far. Cheers all.

Kaom + Hyrri

high-res link -
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My orchestral rendition of the main theme:

or here whatever you prefer:

I hope you enjoy it :-)

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After many late nights I'm finally finished with my entry enough to feel comfortable sharing it with you all.

My entry is a casual create-your-own-monster browser game with a Path of Exile theme. All the artwork in the game was drawn by me using Photoshop and a graphic tablet. I also built and coded the game using Unity, learning code as I went along. It was a fun project with many frustrations but in the end I think the result is kind of cool.

If you enjoy creating monsters with the tool, please share your creations with me, I'd love to see them.

I present to you all: Piety's Miscreation Maker.

Preview Images


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