Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

The Atlas-Traveler's-Notebook


Aren't you tired of having a million sticky notes around your pc when the new league starts?
Having to write down that grocery shopping list for the no-life-new-league-weekend over and over again?
Do you wanna track your characters progress and dps of this league and maybe do the build 5 leagues later again? Can't find your build from 5 leagues ago in poe builder?

And you guys from GGG, what if something pops up your mind randomly? wouldnt it be handy to have somewhere to write to-do's, ideas, changes and dates for meetings and so on down in one work related notebook?

This is the solution and will end every mess!

Everybody knows ringbound planers all to well, this is a planer without rings.
I have been making Travler's Notebooks (TNs) for a while now and a friend of mine saw this competition and said i should take part. we threw ideas at each other and then i started to craft this.

It's a piece of plain leather, 26cm x 16cm big (10,24in x 6,30in), worked on with many tools that got the middle part of the atlas lasered onto it and then got brown hand stitching to complete the look of it.

total worktime: ~ 9 hours ( 4 people including me were involved in the process)

more pictures

front side

back side

side view

inside view (little pocket in the front, penloop in the back)

Those do become more and more popular and are handy for many different reasons (wanna know why? read spoiler!)
It's got flexible textile strings on the inside to hold some sort of booklet (this one holds 4 booklets total), like your new-league-prep-notes, buildnotes, personal organizer or whatever else you would want to write down.

why Travelers's Notebooks are becoming popular

Traveler's Notebooks (short "TNs") are becoming popular because they are in some ways much more handy than ringbound planers.

1. ringbound planers require a special sized and specially hole-punched paper, that you have to rebuy every year and most of those inlays arent especially cheap. The TN has strings and depending on the size you get you can just insert notebooks that are commonly used by students. thats by far cheaper and you can get them easily. also personal organizers in booklet-form tend to be cheaper or given away for free as advertisement for a company. doenst matter if you are left or right handed, the rings of a ringbound planer are in the way if you wanna write on one page or the other. there's nothing in the way with a TN. you have 1 string in the middle of your booklet and that's it. the TN lays flat which means you do not have to take anything out in order to be able to write in it properly.

3. you have everything at one place but still separated to keep everything organized. there's 4 separate booklets in one place, each booklet can be used for a different purpose. that way, you can find everything easily but still can be sure you have everything you need with you. like a personal planer, a personal notebook, an adressbook and a booklet for worknotes. Or if we wanna stay with poe it be general new-league-prepping-notes, most important info of what changed, character theory planing + character progress and general info that you tend to forget about the game (plans on what maps to shape, god knows what, there's no limit to this ;) )

4. you can use as much space in your booklet as you want and need.
ringbound planer inlays, specially those for your personal planer, have limited space for each day. if you need to write down more, welp, you're screwed. With a TN you have as much room as you need.

There was a lot of trial and error involved here but i am very happy with the outcome and would gladly make more of these, as its fun to connect 2 things i love - leather crafting and PoE.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

This is my entry devs! I hope you'll laugh a lot. The video includes a lot of memes, a soundtrack cover made by me, 2 animations made with bones in Dragonbones and some of my own drawings.
A gathering of the four you face in Oriath, before it falls, of course.
IGN: Newominus

I gave the witch an orchestral intro theme using some of the game's voice lines and music I made for this entry. The entire thing was built using propellerhead reason to compose edit and attempt to mix and master. [I still have a lot of mixing to learn, I know.] Either way I hope it will be enjoyed.
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Minion Exile

Grab your daughter's toy
Take her clay
Apply water color
Da - da
Can't give it back now

A Minion goes to the Atlas in his quest to find the greatest source of banana.
This is my creation.
Hi, i've seen many great creations here so i decided to make something special, i suppose many of you know card game called "Hearthstone". And there is the point, that game is made out of cards, and in Path of exile we have plenty of cards. So my idea was to connect these games together. I made 8 of most valuable cards from POE in Hearthstone theme. Hope u like it!

I dont know how to post images directly there so here is link to all 8 cards.

Zana is hot

Well i tryied my best Death :

Don't know how to post it properly :/ the dedline is comming close and i have to get to bed :))
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My best thing i think :)

please ctrl C / V, sorry i am bad with computers

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