Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

This was supposed to be named my mood when i die in poe :)

well one more to go, i try to search how to do posts properly and change the ctrl c/v thing XD
Ralakesh closeup on 800/600 :)

aaaand thats if you did ctrl c / v thing thanks and have a nice day Exiles, GO SSF

Here is my entry for the competition. I hope you enjoy the taste of corruption! :)

Vagan’s Untainted Paradise

In his dreams he was with her. Holding tight her hand, pressing her perfect waist against his likewise perfect and graceful body. Meeting each other’s lips in her most defiant moments. Yes, she was difficult as usual, annoying in her arrogant moods, in her delusions of great wisdom and scholarly intellectuality. “You walk perpetually in a hall of mirrors,” that’s what she said. So be it! Be these dreams his mirrors which would show both of them being together. There he was able to caress his great egotism. And there he was coming closer to the final act. It would be a sure victory, but a goal he wanted to achieve at his own pace.

He let her watch him fighting countless monsters, reeking zombies, stinging vipers, burning wolves and squeaking monkeys. And always in the most glorious of maps. Unforgiving promenades, soaked in rain water. City squares under glaring sun, with lurking shadows in between. Racecourses filled with hungry beasts longing for his tender flesh, and arenas, engulfed in cheering voices that resonate with lust for blood. There he fought his battles, wielding his sharpest weapons.

But his sharpest weapon of all was his undying love for her and only her. Like the great duelist Daresso and his beloved Lady Merveil before him. But unlike the unfortunate outcome of their accursed and doomed relationship, his love would meet a happy end.

There, in the void of his unshaped maps he progressed step by step, one lodestone after another. He roamed further than even this feral bitch Tora ever could. And then he stopped. There it was, his dream map, his own untainted paradise. And there he saw his goal in the distance, he saw her! She was watching him intently, expecting his next move. And that move would come!

Sweaty and thirsty, with wild beating heart and most welcome sensation below his waist he woke up. He could not stop now. It was the perfect map! And, imitating her, he had to record its unique properties. He quickly grabbed a pen and a piece of Rhoa parchment and rushed to the table. He had to be quick before forgetfulness clouded his dearest memories. With unsteady and shaking hand of an only sparsely literate he scribbled the lines of words. And these were the words he had written:

Vagan’s Untainted Paradise Unique Map

Map contains only Zana
Zana slowly drops her Garments when you engaged her recently
Love’s Quantity also applies to Rarity of Zana’s Exclamations of Joy
400% increased Sexperience gained
Gain Onslaught on Critical Strike
36% increased Duration of Endurance and Frenzy Charges
Zana drops four additional Tier 16 maps when feeling Love for you
Opens only one Portal when activated in the Reverie Device

“Yes, I need only one portal! And no prying eyes!” With pride he stepped away from the table.

This day he was uplifted by his new wave of love for his red-haired beauty. The clinging of his hammer against the anvil and the screeching of newly forged swords and axes upon the sharpening wheel were intoxicating and music to his ears. The day passed in no time and then the dreams began.

He entered his perfect map. He saw her again. In all her unearthly beauty. He made his next step, breathing hard and full of expectation.

An ultimate horror carved a hole through his paradise world, a void full of stars. And a maniacal voice of an elderly man invaded his startled ears.

“You do not belong here! You pervert, she is my daughter! Behold the face of your unmaking!”

Nessa - @mirela.illustra
Talent competition 2018 entry

Title : The Exile - The Gambler Poe cover
Link :

Description : A Path of exile version of the song The Gambler originaly written by Don Schlitz.
I tried to stay as true as possible to the orginal lyrics while remaining true to the Path of Exile theme. You can see that by comparing the 2 versions.

The main parts are the music and the lyrics. The video is mainly for the lyrics and some images in support.

Thank you
My entry for the competition.

Not a huge one, but why not share it :)

It's my Hideout in the Abyss SC league.

The theme is After-battle-scene on the shores of Wraeclast.
Closer description under the video on YT :)
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I finally managed to finish my entry for the competition!

I really liked the update to the area map. Then, after 3.1 update with Atlas overhaul, I saw that Villa Map was modified, it now includes a ground floor with the garden.
I've always liked Villa Map, simply because the street where my house stands is called 'Villa' (I was told that in ancient times there was a large Roman villa here).

So I thought I could design a unique map, a Villa map, based on my and my grandmother's house and garden. I used MS Paint (yes, I can't draw) and tried to follow PoE map style.

(full resolution picture here:

You start in the garden where there's the portal. You approach the house and have various entrances. You fight your way through the three floors of the houses and eventually get to the boss room in the attic.

I also thought about a name and properties for the map.
Sometimes I invite some friends and we eat and drink (a lot... I mean, a whole lot) together in the room with the square fireplace (near the car port). The chimney often doesn't work well and the room gets filled with smoke if we don't open some windows.
Therefore, the properties I thought of are something funny, but, at the same time, somewhat realistic and pertinent to or already existing in the game.


The final boss could be my mother wielding a rolling pin.
Hi, here is my entry for the talent competition. I hope you guys like it!
Since my friends (and I) like to play monopoly a lot, I designed a path of exile-based monopoly version. Here is how it looks:

Unfortunately, I am not sure whether this is against some copyright laws but I hope that it's okay, since I don't sell stuff and just posted some examples to show how it looks and works..

Of course the rules of monopoly still apply, but the material/objects change as follows:

- A new board (see picture) where the streets are replaced by path of exile areas (stations = labyrinth, jail = loading screen! ;), vaal areas, etc..)
- New shadow, scion, ranger, etc. character figures
- Community cards are replaced by strongbox cards (see picture)
- Chance cards are replaced by prophecy cards (see picture)
- Money is replaced by currency (Chaos orbs, Divine orbs, Exalted orbs, Mirror of Kalandra) and the ratio is based on the actual challenge league ratio (that's why the iPad is on the photo)
- Houses and hotels are replaced by monsters (drowned and kitava)
- New Street/Area cards (see picture)

All this transfers the glooming atmosphere of path of exile to a monopoly game where you explore the areas of wraeclast, discover vaal areas, complete the Labyrinth or get stuck in the loading screen while trying to grind and trade for a fortune of mirrors of kalandra.
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Here's my contribution to the talent competition. I feel I should say a few words about the song. While the Shaper fight might be chaotic and action packed, I feel that the scenery, if one were to just stumble upon it would be haunting if anything. Maybe even beautiful in its own way. I tried making the tune about the world rather than the character. Just having a world fractured like that would be awe inspiring if anything.

I tried the best I could with the image to make it fit the theme as best as I could, but I'm no graphics artist. I'm including it here as well for good measure. Anyway, I hope you like the song!

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