Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018
A concept art design of a new place seen as third person, with more or less some Diablo theme mixed in.

This one i wanted to make one of the more iconic path of exile places with an extra touch of my own
This one is based of an exalted orb which i find thematicly perfect to Path of Exile, its sculpted in Zbrush and rendered with Marmoset Viewer, please do click the link for more. <---
Surface designed helmet in autodesk Alias

ill probably submit the last one soon and it was a blast making these!

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Here is my contribution to the competition, an episode of the animated series
that i have been working on. Had to be creative with my schedule to make
the deadline but here it is :D

Cheers! -RoJu

My submission to the fan art contest :P
Inspired by my Moltenstrike Oni-Goroshi build where everything burns :D
Was really fun painting this one :)
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Hi guys i hope you enjoy my new costum Shadow caracter with the well knowing unique items "Bronn's Lithe" armour, "Maligaro's Virtuosity" gloves, "Rainbowstride" boots and a pair of "The Consuming Dark" daggers.

My previous picture the Rough Exile "Rickar Invictus"

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Here's my submission. It's represent the abyss league. It's my first digital drawing. Hope people at GGG like it a bit :) I spend quite a long time doing it. I hope I will get a t-shirt, I love clothes and Poe. Good luck to everyone
If you wanna zoom it it's like 2500x2835 pixel pretty weird I guess.

Hello Ing : Strangie
no talent here! :(
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This league is really addicting and the new items are fun. Especially the Lightpoacher. So here is my entry. Btw Dominus ftw.

Good luck, exiles!
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Here is my last entry, which is a fight between Kitava and a Witch using Summon Raging Spirit
Fresh off the press!

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