Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

I wanted to do something for the Abyss League because I absolutely loved it. I would also like to do something Elder and War for the Atlas inspired, and maybe I'll try to get something out in the day we have left, but for now here is "Dawnless Mourning" with Ulaman and Amanamu, the Abyssal Liches.

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Good luck everyone.
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The link to my devient art, I also have Artstation, but haven't uploaded.

This is a exile in a Shaper portal.

Here's my entry, just ye good ol' Dialla fanart, her being my favourite character in the game this is something I wanted to do for a while and this is a nice opportunity to put my money when my mouth is.

And of course good luck everyone!
Carcass Jack Cosplay
This Cosplay suit was quite the challenge to make. The chest piece is made out of paper that is covered with fiberglass. The red "meat" is velvet cloth. The rest is made from thin foam sheets, that are painted over to look like tendons. It took around 30 hours to put together.




Abandoned Diary

She asked if I was still sane today. I gave her confident affirmation, as the whispers in my head all but assure me of this fact. She then asked if I would help a friend. I can't seem to refuse those eyes. Plus she keeps the den tidy... I can't abide housework.


The sewer again. The smell of thaumaturgy almost masks the stench. Almost.

Kitava's brood have made a home here. For every one I char to a crisp, another fifty seem to spawn from their ashes. I make them all dead. Everything dies. I like them better this way.

Hordes of twisted flesh sacks offer me their corpses. It amuses me a while, but then... then I feel a sharp lament and find it all a great pity. It seems we could be friends. I will make them my friends. Rise, my friends. Rise and play. Precious pets of sinew and blood. My sisters took issue with my compassion... though they dare not question it.


He leans on his mallet, solemn and stoic, yet his voice supplies a sharp contrast as he compliments the day. He blesses me. The irony does not escape me, but I accept the gesture. My prejudice against his kind has faded somewhat. Although he is the only Templar to ever suffer a witch. I find myself resting more in his dwelling than the others. It's tranquil... and the whispers shine brighter in it's dim light. The dull trinkets he prizes are the only true concern he ever seems to posses. He asks me to kill. I oblige.


Another task finished... yet... not quite satisfied. What treat awaits behind this lose grate, I wonder. Doedre... fascinating... I believe I pierced every dimple on her supple frame in our last encounter, yet here she flaps about like a rotting fig. Fire for you fig. Burn for me and writhe about in your flesh cloak... I half expected to see the old man again... pity. I'll meet him soon enough. He'll writhe for me also. His corpse will offer a more pleasing site than this horrid prune... but not before he teaches me how he makes the starlight shine from below... that trick I simply must learn.


A stranger approached me on my journey back. Not the floating old man, nor the thing beyond my comprehension... this stranger was different, carrying an aura beyond both of these squabbling children. Pale and androgynous, it spoke with a stutter. G-g-g-greetings, it said. I struggled to tolerate it's winded discourse, but something told me to listen. Something forced me to listen. It presented an offer... an exchange of my talents for the glory of going rogue. I'm still puzzled at it's meaning... but no matter, time to return and increase my favour with Oriath's finest.


She thanked me, and as I was leaving, bode me to stay sane. It's a promise I know I can't keep... despite what the whispers say... there's simply too much clutter... too... much... clutter...
Its my own little story, re-written why the elder fights the shaper and the atlas of words:

I wrote the story, edited the video. A Female narrator voiceovered the story, my brother composed the music! I hope you guys have 5 minutes to look at it! :)
Well' I wish I had a bit more time on this guy, but here is my entry, my idea of the Templar before being banished to Wraeclast.

my take on The Elder

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So many cool entries so far!
My submission is an Animated still of Kitava:

I also made a non animated wallpaper version

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