Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Here's my take on the elementalist and sorry about the camera quality and lighting- this was the best I could do.
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I made a game in unity based around good ol dominus runs.

wasd to move and 'k' to shoot / select menu items.

The goal is to kill Dominus as many times as possible and upgrade your staff at the npc. Each time you kill him the maximum rolls on the staff you buy increases but Dominus also gets stronger.

(FYI it runs a little slow on chrome so I would try a different browser if you're having issues)
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My entry for the competition!

Do I even stand a chance? So many great pieces this year, it's quite overwhelming!

Hope yall like it anyway :3 ♥
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The Path with no end
(verse for song)

Shortcut without price.
Just klick it twice...
Through fire and ice.
Now you are with us.

Exile is not damned.
Now at your's command.
The Path with no end.
Your skills to reflect.

Pressing "one"
for drinking "wine"!
Holding "shift" -
arrows fly swift!
Killing fast -
he was the last!
Flesh and blood
for orbs and craft.

Developed for
those who want more
of grind and gore,
stones in the store!

Skill tree - step to step.
Celestial map.
This is a nice trap
for the points you've grabed.


The contest verce.
Like anthem first.
I feel no thirst
for prise, off course.

But let it be
T-shirt for free.
To wear with pride
for smilling wide,
for streaming guide,
for ever mind!

My entry for the competition!

I painted a non-gritty version of Sarn Encampment from Act 3!

Good luck to everyone!

Here is my entry. It's an arrangment for Guitar of "Lioneye's Watch Theme".

Due to time limitations I couldn't get better recording gear for my entry. But anyways here it is just in time. Hope you all like it!

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I have an entry!

Six Variations on a Theme from Acton's Nightmare, for piano

Just the audio:

And for any fellow musicians who'd like to follow along, here's the sheet music
Here's my humble contribution - a story of someone we all know :)
It takes around 5 mins to read I think, in line with the recommendation.

Day 1 I was cast out, like countless others, into the murky waters of Wraeclast. Noone cared for us, we were damaged goods and so completely worthless. Left to die on a forsaken continent - if we even get to it. I swam until I had no strength. I breathed until I had no breath. There was only darkness left.

Day 2 (probably) I awoke violently coughing water out of my lungs. Everything hurts, but I made it to land. I try to get my bearings. The sand beneath my feet, the wind in my hair, the sun on my cheek - everything feels alien. I notice a fire in the distance, maybe half a day's journey. My next destination.

Day 3 It took more than I initially thought, but I finally got to the human settlement they call Lioneye's Watch. Every Karui knows the history of this place. But now, it's nothing more than a sanctuary. One that I desperately need. I've seen the fallen exiles shambling about, mindless and bloated. Some I recognized from the trip here. I'm no coward, but I avoided most of them. That is just not natural. Did even Hinekora abandon this place? Near the entrance there was a decaying corpse of a giant. I've been told he was slain by a fellow exile. Whoever he is, he must be a great warrior.

Day 10 I was wrong - the giant-slayer is a she. I've seen her in the settlement, blood dripping from her weapons, blond hair cascading over her breastplate and face full of determination. She's the epitome of elegance and strength, a true daughter of Tukohama. I didn't get to speak to her since she's always out there, fighting for people, bringing supplies and medicine, while I cower here like a mere child. A warrior without purpose. At least until now.

Day 25 It's been 10 days since I left Lioneye's Watch. I wanted to go with the warrior exile, but Tarkleigh told me she moved on, deeper into the heart of Wraeclast. He was in awe with her bravery and determination, but I already knew she will be the savior who will cleanse this land from the Black Spirit. I just want to fight by her side when she does it.

Day 38 The road so far has been treacherous and full of horrors. I followed the carnage that the warrior exile left in her wake, but for every mangled human or creature she left, more came back to greet me. It seems that this land has limitless horrors at its disposal. I dispatched everyone and everything that stood in my way, but it slowed my progress. I couldn't catch up with her.

Day 60 Kitava is a trickster god. He promises you untold power with a small price of your soul. And losing that creates a void you cannot fill. Only endless hunger awaits. I feel him here, his corruption. Not only in so called 'virtue gems', but in the back of my mind as well. I don't need him to be powerful, I don't need the virtue gems. My strength is my own.

Day 81 The exile killed Dominus! I heard it from a Sarn merchant. I wish I could've been there to see him begging for mercy. She continued her journey to a place in the mountains, taking on the Black Spirit himself. I will join her in this kill. For my ancestors!

Day 106 I have seen some truly terrible things roaming this land, but nothing could prepare me for this. Despite all my precautions, I was ambushed in the night. Strange shapes, not man nor beast. I swung my weapon and hit nothing. Moments later, they clawed at my back. I fought with all my might, but I was outmatched by their speed and ferocity. I awaited the killing blow, to be released into Hinekora's domain. It never came. I awoke weak and broken, just like those many days ago on the shore of this strange land. Why did they spare me?

Day 127 The hero did it. She killed the beast that was poisoning this land. Everyone at Highgate is rejoicing. I wish I could, but my mind is plagued with doubts. Who is this exile? What is she? Does anyone know anything about her? They expect us to believe that a mere human is slaying gods in their own domain. Is she a figment of Kitava, just one of his many lies, meant to lure me into his open maw? I can't stay here. The exile apparently went to Oriath, but this land is still sick. I will heal it. That was my purpose all along.

Day 132 I don't know what happened. I remember being attacked by monstrous beasts, unrelenting hunger in their eyes. I remember losing, falling blooded and battered on the ground. But instead of accepting my fate, a tiny spark of rage was born. I wasn't ready to die - not when there is still so much to do for this land. I allowed the spark to grow into a roaring flame - and then blacked out. When I came to, all animals laid around me, beaten to a pulp. I tasted their blood in my mouth - and it felt good. That scares me even more.

Day 144 Horrifying dreams plague my nights. Every time I close my eyes I can see myself butchering and devouring everyone I ever met. Sometimes I'm at Lioneye's Watch, sometimes in Sarn. It always ends the same - in rivers of blood. I don't even spare the children. Oh, the children... They taste the best in my dreams.

Day 151 I killed an innocent. This was no dream. I was approached by a group of exiles who spotted my campfire. They were friendly, the front one even extended an arm to greet me. I bashed his head in one mace swing. His body didn't even realize it - his arm still extended and twitching. The rest of his party tried to draw their weapons, but I came at them with such ferocity that they froze in their tracks. It was over quickly. I don't know if I can fight Him anymore.

Day 179 I have been so blind. I rejected true power, and for what? So I can be beaten again and again until I'm dead? No more. With just a few of these gems I can leap great distances, I can make people more fragile and I can reduce them to dust with just one mighty slam! You need to use everything in this world. And just take, take, take. Eat, eat, eat. Drink, drink, DRINK! I AM XANDRO BLODDRINKER AND I WILL DRINK MY FILL OF WREACLAST AND SATE MY THIRST!
This is my entry, I hope everyone can enjoy it. I did my best to keep the word count low in order to not be over 5 minutes to read and I think it was a nice job.

Thanks GGG for everything <3

My knees hit the ground, the touch of the earth felt unnaturally cold on my skin as I stood there, aligned with the others, facing the woman that was greater than all of us. I waited for my judgment, waited to meet my end. It didn't happen at that moment, though.

Before that night, for a longer time than I can remember, that part of the Forest was lawless. Self-proclaimed warlords would rise and fall along with their followers just as frequently as Solaris and Lunaris danced in the sky. Until she came and the dead came with her, following her steps, obeying her every whim, bringing back to the bandits of those parts the meaning of fear.

I can still remember the rumors then. I remember because I paid no attention at the time, how could I? The word was that a new warlord was overcoming all the others in the Western Lands of the forest, making the previous leaders her devotees, her puppets. But I waited, as my men grew restless each day, I waited for the dagger in the dark that would end this new conqueror. But this dagger didn't come and one night, a cold night, it was the dead that came for us.

At that time I was one of the few campsite leaders out of her grasp, something she could not allow. I had no intention of dying and was ready to work my way out of it, but as I saw that amulet around her neck I was sure it was my end. The thing seemed to pulse, without ever moving, the shadows somehow whispering in strange tongues around it. It was not my first time seeing something like that and I kneeled before her, knowing that the Two Bandit Lords were now Three.

As the leader of the band, I was the first she looked at. In a calm but commanding voice, she told me to pick my bow and arrow and stand by her side from now on. That was not a negotiation, there was no deal, she never did anything of the sort, for she knew she had no equals there. Then it was time for my men, and one by one they stood up at the sound of her voice as I watched, first puzzled and then terrified as she kissed them in their mouths. The change would begin shortly after, as their skin would change its color and strange purple marks appeared from head to toe, their eyes glimmering with a new found purpose, a new found flame. She called them her Martyrs, with a cruel smile, and said they would know what to do if the time ever came.

And it appeared that the time would never come. But it did. Once again rumors started to spread, about how the Mud King was dead and that the Shadow of the Bridge was no more. We all knew what that meant and a couple of days later, there it was.

I've never seen a Karui before in my life, even with all the years in this forsaken land. I'm not afraid to say that I hope to never see one again. All our numbers meant nothing to him and once more I remembered about fear. For the first time I saw the Poisonous Flower trying to bargain. All she got for an answer was a club to her head. He didn't even bother to answer with words, and all of us, her most faithful servants, stepped in, trying to kill him, no that would be too arrogant, trying to save her.

Can't say she didn't fight back. Meaningless. Like a berserker he faced us all, one by one we fell, not to our knees this time, but straight to... how do they call it? Hinekora?

After Allira's last scream I was terrified. The brute picked her amulet from her dead body and for the first and last time I heard his deep and somber voice. As I watched him leave, ignoring those who were still alive, walking in the old paved road of a dead empire, I realized how true his words were. The scariest thing is not binding the dead to your will, but making them unable to return.
"The Boss of Path of Exile"
charcoal and chalk on paper


Inspired by this classic pic:

Hoping for time to finish, only had an hour or so before interrupted by RL...

EDIT: had time to add a few more random smears--not finished (not even sure it isn't worse) but replaced original pic with update. Here's the original, FWIW:


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