Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Here is my entry, a Rogue Exile [Golwan Imren].

I figured I'd draw my vision of the Elder. I think it came out quite well in black and white, so I kept it this way! Best of luck to the rest, I've seen a lot of great stuff in this thread already!

My entry:

Hideout "The Island Of The Revival"

more screenshots

A tribute to the ranger my personal favourite class to play. I call it "Empress of The Wild". Thankyou for making a great game GGG! :D

P.S. I would like to suggest some ideas for pets. Birds of prey are so awesome, hence the eagle in the portrait. Some owls, falcons, eagles, vultures or hawks would be so cool as pets in Wraeclast!
Encouraged by friends, I've decided to share a little piece, written in few last days as entry for Talen Competition. It's 3 voice fugue on theme from Templar courts. At first, I wanted to use Abyss theme (that haunting trintone...), but evoked harmonies would be rather strange. So I took more "classical" theme to work. I even managed to add small musical joke at the end :)

This is link to Soundcloud:

I hope you'll like it.
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Here's my second painting for the competition.
Finally finished this one. HYPE!

My second entry

"into the abyss"
best quality
imgur quality

My witch in the abyss league.

Super awesome art from everyone! Lot of talents in this thread! Great job everyone.
Will pray to even get those points lol too much awesome art around!
PVP update!!!!!
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Not that I expect something but I made this. It's something.

"Behold My Army"
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Not that I expect something but I made this. It's something.

"Behold My Army"

Headhunter dropped in Spider Forest?
My second entry,
So I noticed this:

Then this should be what righteous Fire look like:


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