Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Hey everyone !
This is my entry to the Path of Exile Talent Competition of 2018. It's a piano medley of 4 pieces of music originally composed by Kamil Orman-Janowski, coming from the expansion Fall of Oriath. I hope you will enjoy my personal version of these tracks !

PS : Sorry about the light of divinity. Didn't know Dominus was around !

Original music :
Act 8 Town - The Sarn Encampment (Solaris & Lunaris Theme)
Act 6 Town - Lioneye's Watch
High Templar Avarius Theme
Path of Exile Main Theme

Good luck to everyone ! So many amazing things to see here.
DoomMaster and I have written a raw black metal song for the talent competition. Enjoy

On that day two brothers were spawned
From their mother’s womb.
Innocence, the pure, eyes burning red.
Sin, the corrupt, eyes purest blue.
After the birth his evil grew
The essence of deceit
My perfect brother, showered with love
I have always been fed your scraps
Choking on your creed
Second in her eyes I shall always be
For I am Sin
How can I, the worthless one, compare to you?
The promise of silence betrayed
You condemn your brother to fire
The village gathered to watch me burn
Inhale the essence of corruption
I will fill their lungs
Their minds, their hearts
Witness my revenge
As it spread through the village
They began to turn
Flesh bonds with flesh
Bone entwines with bone
The village becomes a writhing giant
Forged of strife and hatred
A titan of corruption
Is born from sin
A monstrous beast is born
From the brothers struggle
To feast upon the land
With a cry of anguish
From innocence lips
The beast of sin
Again consumed by fire
Amongst the ruins of his home
Innocence swore an oath
No matter where
The ashes of sin fell
His purifying flame
Would rise to meet them
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My Rised Transparent Necro exile with her companions.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Long exposure of my Flicker Strike Abyssal armor Slayer

Hey everyone !
This is my entry to the Talent Competition.

The Elder


Hope it is not too late ^^
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'war for the atlas - abyss'

I drew pictures related to the expansion pack. ;)

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Here is a charcoal drawing i did of Piety and Malachai :)
The flame and the ice are made out of 3-D glitter gel , thats why it looks so weird here.
Rest is just charcoal and pencils.

Here's a link to the upload
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Hi all!

I'm a bit obsessed with crocheting and amigurumies, so when I saw the competition, I knew it instantly, what I would like to make. The firstborn is Sin, then came Innocence, and since I still had time, I made Lunaris and Solaris. I hope they are recognizable, and you love them. I definately am :3 (And my kitten too... sry for her hair on the pix :D) Many thanks for inspiring me <3

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