Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

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My submission. A poem, for your reading pleasure:

Long ago, or back in my day
Six exiles had joined the fray
In Wraeclast, or a map, if that’s the same place
The lookout was their chosen space
First in was a templar of some renown
He did, after all, wear a crown
Next through was a witch who thought herself fancy
With her Queen’s Decree and her skelemancy
Third came a man with a dueling stance
Who wondered why the elder did not wear pants
Silent as a shadow the fourth went through
He could not stop using his Mortem Morsu
Number five preferred animals instead
So she had a nest of rats upon her head
The last one’s class he was said to squander
His weapon unique, his name Mawander
At first things went well you see
Killing is easier while in a party
But then a great horde of monsters came
With a chance to bleed and also maim
The shadow could not stop running around
He is now still, beneath the ground
To survive bleeding is an easy task
Just be sure to have a staunching flask
From teamwork the poacher thought herself exempt
In the distance a glowing strongbox soon did tempt
Across the ground ran fleeing rat herds
“Casts ice nova”, those deadly words
The templar and witch began to bicker
When taking loot, she was always quicker
Soon she announced, without a stutter
That she was burdened with too much clutter
A portal opened for the witch
The templar muttered, “what a…”
Three now stood before the door
A large arena, with much in store
The old man knew the risk was too large
His broken crown came slotted with discharge
Towards him rushed the mass of foes
All incinerated in his death throes
Next Mawander fell quite quickly
The Grey Plague made him feel rather sickly
Of exiles only one remain
But he, too, was eventually slain
Still struggling, his golem of stone
It fights forever, it fights alone.
Greetings ! Here's my entry for the competition. A cute siren !

Pyrography "The Sun" - "Rise Of The Phoenix" Divination Card cover.

Trying to satisfy the whole PoE community is like telling a nymphomaniac to only have sex once in a week.

I think that's fairly accurate. :')
Sephrometh wrote:
Greetings ! Here's my entry for the competition. A cute siren !

Cute indeed :)
rashkoradu wrote:
"Ancestral Bond"

Hello fellow exiles, Here's my entry for the contest featuring the templar on his way to standard.
Hope you like it! :3

That's some awesome art here!

That exile is indeed very dangerous when you encounter him early on.
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davrothedark wrote:
Zana - I spend so long looking for her every league (and not succeeding) that I had to paint her.

Matzouka wrote:
My second entry, check out my first one in the early reply, enjoy :)

You... were my greatest... creation...

thiagolehmann wrote:
Zana, Master Cartographer

(and the Starforge)

This is my entry for the War for the Atlas talent competition!
I've worked on this image with my wife from step one to the final version. We work together as freelance artists and we play together as a couple. She just got started in Path of Exile so we decided to create something nice for the community!

This is Zana in a dream-like state. Zana is trapped between her father memories and the growing Elder influence. The Starforge representing his power and the black-smoky tentacles the Elder reach :)

HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! We're very excited to share this image with you! We've put a lot of effort in to it <3

"Still sane, Exile?"

Good work,'s Zana. Again. Why not draw you know - any other interesting female in the game? ;)

obrag wrote:
Morning ledge walk with the troops :)

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

That's so...artsy?

Arckon wrote:
"all-inclusive"!?!?! sweet
I animated the chieftain portrait as offering to get him a buff.

Nasty compressed .gif!, view the better quality WebM's down below instead.

Full resolution
Half resolution

That's awesome! Such a simple concept, but it looks great. Can you do more?
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"Come on guys!"

We are close to killing it and the-
An explosion happened, sending a sharp wind throughout the arena...
I'm left with 10 hp...but..
My team members was down. No one left.
Just me, an auramancer, versus a Red Tier Elder.

"I can't do it... There is no way... I can... I deal like 10 damage to it..." I said, quivering in fear..
It approaches, not using any of its abilities.

I just stood there...I can't move...I don't know what to do.. I'm trapped here with him...
The Elder looms over me. His body blocking my sights.

This is it. I'm dead here.

His enormous hand grabs me, bringing me closer to his face.


He starts whispering to me...
The Elder could talk all this time...
He says that he was trapped. He says that he was betrayed. He says he was murdered.

By the Shaper... He wants revenge... He will give me power... In return, I must help me get hold of the Atlas.

He uses his other four hands to channel his energy through me...

My mind is going hay-wired. It wants me to kill. It wants me to slaughter. It wants me to murder.

If you're reading this, please save me...I'm at my hideout.. I don't want to be his slave.. My mind is about to break...PLEASE!! It's only a matter of time befo-

Before I take your life with His.

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