Path of Nerfs

Dark Pact's area wasn't too big. Other skills' were too small. [Removed by Support] The last thing you should be doing is nerfing AoE MORE. Abject lunacy.
No fun allowed.™
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Not happy about that :(
Are existing Doomfletchs and QOTFs going legacy or not?
Sweet. This makes me excited to play in Abyss!
And people say ggg play their own game OMEGALUL
WutFace? If you guys need help balancing let me know.. with every patch I see it feels like you guys do really need it.. but then again, the expansion looks great so there's that
I'm very curious as to what the intent of the Rise of the Phoenix nerf is. It's mentioned in the explanation that it's ' too easy to max out fire resistance', but some napkin math suggests that the risk/reward for running RF is getting a little bit close to side of 'scary'.

The life is nice, but the flat regen is hilarious. If max fire resistance is the annoying part, why not but % life regen on it as compensation?

That said, I've not done anything other than the most trivial of theorycrafting - maybe this isn't too big of a deal.
New game 😃 path of nerfs 😂🤣
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1000 hour experts btw
Do Dark Pact totems receive the +radius nerf? Is it just when you cast or removed from the gem entirely?

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