Path of Nerfs

Hmm, some people are quitting because GGG makes it harder every league, some because game is too easy, even BROKEN EASY now and here I am, thinking how it still has players...
Aaaaand sorry for my english! <3
Wilc wrote:
Hmm, some people are quitting because GGG makes it harder every league, some because game is too easy, even BROKEN EASY now and here I am, thinking how it still has players...

Just follow Mathil's Minion Instability build, right click pew pew bosses.

projectpt died for this.
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
dont nerf minions pls! dont nerf spectres!
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TreeOfDead wrote:
dont nerf minions pls! dont nerf spectres!

Don't get attached to any build, gimmick, or playstyle. They WILL come after you. Even if you don't think it's meta, it will catch a lot of collateral damage from nerfs aimed at meta strategies that share a couple nodes with it.

GGG wants PoE to remain true to its ARPG roots. One button, one action.

Force multipliers (Multistrike, Barrage, Fork, minions, double-dipping) and passive sustain (MoM, leech, regen/recharge, flask refill mechanics) go bye-bye so that the true determinants of any build's success remain the player's actions per second, capacity for multitasking, and critical thinking skills under pressure.

Trading is sort of a nod to how much people loathe grinding. It's one thing to strive towards the ideal of rewarding competence alone, but yet another to have a purist game nobody plays. It's there because SSF is a bad business model for selling mtx, stash tabs, and reskins.
That moment when you notice you can support skitterbots with Infernal Legion and EE
I'm really tired of this whole game being "balanced" for the minority of extreme players who exceed 12K of life, reach level 100 in 2 days or level 600 of the mine in 4 days.
I am one of his players for whom level 100 is an almost unattainable goal, and who has already tried a 100% spiritual shield character without exceeding 9K with a maximum of ex invested.

I don't think I'm a "bad" player, but when I hear "we changed all the items that gave energy shields because "some" players were over 12k, we fixed Ghost Reaver because "some" builds using it were abused, etc..... it makes a majority of players for whom it gets even harder and more expensive (unattainable?) to build a character capable of doing all the final content of the game.

I can't read "We added malus to the xp" or "we increased the xp required to pass a level" in order to penalize a MINORITY of player at the expense of the MAJORITY.
This is why I'm just about burnt out...sometimes I just sit there starring at the screen. Then when I do log in, I almost instantly log right back out knowing the character I'm playing is going to get the ax. I think some are starting to wake up because of this and it might just hurt ggg. I just want to play and have fun, but the one thing that absolutely erks me to death is the one shot mechanic. When it happens I just instantly log out and come maybe the next day...but that's just me.
I can't seem to help myself. I love this game. However in many ways it's unplayable. I stop in once a week, try stuff out, fail and log back out until next week.

That doesn't mean I've given up hope on GGG. I'm still betting on them.
They are doing this so they can add up for lack of diversity and true end game content. Not just one thing, transfered to another thing.
Because the end game is just mindlessly through maps.
Delve is kinda the same - you killing monster for loot.
No real reason for all of this. And when you hit 100, you pretty much are stick.
That`s why they rely so much on reroll character and leagues.
Otherwise the game get boring really fast if you stick in standard with 1, 2, 3 characters.

So they are changing/balancing things so people find it interesting or i said a bit different in the next league, because you will need to follow other meta build, and you are old probably not going to work, because of balance or should i said nerf/buff things arround.

I understand the game is not MMORPG but its need new end game mods, that are not just go mindless kill some monster for no reason and repeat.

Some end game quest content will be good to be added, and things to earn after you hit level 100 for example.
I hope 4.0 adds new content and game modes and changes a lot of current things, otherwise i will continue stay away from POE.
Fixed PVP is also a must have.

lol nerfing is always bad, I have been playing this game since 2013 or so and never got a character past 92 because of the exp penalties on dead, If I have 2/3 hours to play and got 15% exp for that session and then die for any random reason, means I have actually wasted 2/3 hours of my life and no thanks, my play time is to progress not to waste my lifetime and now you lose even more? lol

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