Path of Nerfs

Balance change should not take out the fun part in this game. But it does every time. This game is complicated enough already and basically impossible to explain to all my friends. Even for me it gets over-complicated, i never looked at newer skills. Because it's not worth the time investing into which than WILL be nerfed again and again... and again. Skipped this league and probably will skip next. Playing Standard with nice simple builds. It gets really boring to look even at Mathil playing this game. Do my own thing in Standard without leveling, League deadlines and currency farming. Not worth it. New League with some new silly mechanics - neeeext...! All what they do is to keep all the streamers busy, not making the game more fun to play.
Pls dont remove Non-Chaos Added as Chaos craft mod from crafting bench!
Keep that and all mods in craft bench, but increase cost mod and thats it!

Add more veiled mods with minions buffs and more!

Buff minions and summoners!
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wow wow
good job
Experience changes for high-level characters
Each league, the race to 100 is over more quickly than the previous one, as players become more efficient and the experience available gets larger. We receive overwhelming feedback (including from top racers) that this process should be made longer. We're going to be careful though, and just adjust it a bit at a time. In 3.1.0, this takes the form of small additional experience penalties at levels 95-99 that have the following effect:

  • 95 to 96: 6.5% more experience needed
  • 96 to 97: 11.5% more experience needed
  • 97 to 98: 18.7% more experience needed
  • 98 to 99: 28.25% more experience needed
  • 99 to 100: 40% more experience needed

Seriously? There are players who think the game too easy at the top level ???

Why not create a harder league than hardcore instead of imposing penalties on those who do not have the chance to stay grafted in front of their screen around the clock?

I think that this game is particularly difficult and reached a certain level, 10% penalty xp each death is already hard to cash. So increase the % of xp to get ...

Frankly, the game is very complex to master and you abuse the penalty.

In addition with the Syndicate which makes freezer the game and which automatically imposes 10% of xp lost, as well as for a normal player, level up above level 90 is just impossible. There is a serious injustice.

If there are only those who have been playing for years and already have enough currency to buy powerful weapons and armor that have the right to get to the high level, then it's not worth playing.

I remind you that this is a game and that by definition, the game must provide pleasure and not just frustration ...
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Khenshiro wrote:
for a normal player, level up above level 90 is just impossible.

that is the intention. level 100 is intended to be super rare and super hard to achieve.

also you are commenting on a post from over a year ago. with all the power creep we had since then, and the addition of pure breachstones to the game, reaching 100 has again become much faster and easier than it was at the time this thread was made.
Apologies, sorry for not having discovered the game sooner ...

So, you are explaining to me that this game was created in such a way that we can not reach the last level. And that finally, to be frustrated is the sought great happiness ... ok ... very, very, very successful ...

Congratulations to the team...

I'll add my two cents here, and admittedly I've only read the last few posts in this thread. One of the things I like most about this game is that it allows for players to set and go after different goals. For instance, while I would like to get to level 100 someday, that's not my only goal or my main goal. My main goal is to have fun and to experiment with new and interesting builds. In that regard this game is meeting my needs 100 percent. Someone else's goal may be to get a headhunter belt. Someone else may be going after level 1000 delve...or whatever. Maybe completing all league challenges... Maybe by shifting your goals a bit, then maybe over time you can revisit the goal of reaching level 100 and you could potentially make it. Just throwing out ideas...

Nerfing the game is NOT a way to keep people playing. Nor is it a way to make content more fun.

You want to nerf things? Nerf the POS on the Trade board screwing everything up. Put a BIN feature so people cant put a stupid low price to drive prices down and take advantage of people. Xbox of course b/c PC has farmers for buying currency and driving prices down, XBOX TB blows hard.

Put a cap on daily transaction so you can't be bombarded with douchebag low ballers.


Path of Nerfing = BL3 purchase for me.
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