Path of Exile is now live on Xbox One!

AvailableT wrote:
What about the connection issues? Is someone on that?

[Removed by Support] It has nothing to do with ggg doesnt care or anything on a realease. its on a technical level. Believe it, they WANT you to play the game and getting your shit. they doing their best.
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My wife left me.
It's hard to understand why it's always like this? Did they not anticipate that people would want to play the game? I had 5 people ready to play but they have given up at this point. It's a massive waste of people's time every launch.
Still getting dc'd and frozen in game after seeing message about connectivity issues being fixed (Live in NW FL, dont know what server i am getting). On top of this while in the options menu if you pick 'resize interface option' game immediately freezes and crashes. Restarting system didnt fix it either.
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Crashing on loading up the coast. About the 6th time.
No one can play. You'd thing GGG would learn about launches after their failed PC launch.
looks great
I might actually have another game on my Xbox One besides Gears of War.

† You were a good man in a bad situation, Fairgraves. †
See what I am currently after here: 1767138
Thanks Chris! 2797098
Paid 20 for the first blood pack and can't even login to the coast without getting a failed to load instance over and over. Fun times
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