Path of Exile is now live on Xbox One!

Loving the game on xbox, it plays really well on a controller, though there is a few things i've noticed.

1. Boulders, and other items you can interact with have collision detection before you interact with it, which means if the boulder or chest is in the line of fire between you and the mob, you wont hit the mob, you hit the boulder or chest, making the mob point fingers and laugh at you.

2. In Act 5, travelling back from anywhere to overseers tower, either by portal or waypoint always disconnected me.

3. The tradeboard, ooh boy great feature, but in its current state a huge waste of time, we need a lot more search filters, like if im looking for a 6 socket item, why do i have to wade through literally hundreds of items that are useless to me..
And when a seller lists an item with a pricetag on it why do i have to wait half a decade for the seller to accept the sale, instead of it being automatically transferred once i've paid the requested price ???

And finally PLEASE, let us have neversinks lootfilter….
GGGs loot filter is much better, neversink is meta build lootfilter, wich mean if you play another build, then you wont find anything.
Tho ggg could give us the option to choose a stronger filter at will.
So what is the cap suppose to be? Ive seen some pretty high levels in videos, great game so far just hit the 50 area on a character been loving it. Trade post is odd but it works :)
I've been disconnected halfway through cruel lab every single time I've attempted. extremely frustrating. Any idea of when California servers will be more consistent?
Hello, do I need to have xbox live to play Path of Exile on my Xbox one S?
Is there a way to link my Xbox one PoE account to this website?
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I didn't get the free items for Xbox as being a first time player.
how can i speak in the world?(xbox poe?
DCDTDito wrote:
Me and several of my friends do not have the content we paid 20$ for.

Check your inventory (press I on pc) top right corner you'll see the "cosmetics" tab. click that. in there you'll see 2 slots under your main hand weapon slot. click the small left box. there you should find your first blood pack.

if you don't see the blood skin.

screenshot your transaction receipt and open a ticket.

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