Path of Exile is now live on Xbox One!

And it's completely unplayable! Yay!

Sound is broken

I'm not getting any of the stuff I paid $20 for.

Constant disconnects and server problems.

But this is how video games release now days. Was hoping for better from GGG but i guess not.
game doesnt work, pre-order doesn't work, nothing works.
I got my weapon effect, no points yet though.

Also how does the trade board work? There is no way to list something.
ya i was hoping for better myself. No way of trading in game, no guilds, micotransactions broken, rip Xbox Release.
I also did not get the items for the first blood pack.

I got my weapon effect, no points yet though.

We're sending them as fast as we can (server overloading issues).
Very sorry for the delay.
Xbox one but not PS4...

Just sayin. :/
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
And now cant even get past login screen. And no pack or anything. Total disapointment. (All my issues have been takeb care of. Ty very much ggg.)
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Can't go to the coast. Just keep getting logged off time and time again. And the logout button does nothing after you get kicked out. You have to restart the console to get out of the game.
Purchased the preorder bundle on Xbox one. It allows me to create my character and when I start to load into the game and I'm repeatedly kicked out with a 'failed to connect to instance error'. I have to shut down the game and reloaded several times with the same result. Is this just server overload I'm experiencing?
Pretty much having the exact same issue everybody else is having: No preorder bundle, server disconnects, sound issues.

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