[3.0] BALLZERKER - Molten strike Disfavour Berseker (Safe-Bosskiller-95% of all content viable )

disfavour bleed nerf/added bleed nodes in passive tree, still wanna start league with this build, pls update as much as u can before league start xd not just 3 words :P
The reason i updated that much is because there are not much to add.bleed is notadding any significant damage and disfavour / nagahamu are not geting nerfed.I mentioned any posinle changes on the begining of the guide.anything else is neglectable or of no importance.this build doesnt scale with bleed,just fire ,projectile and area damage
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Noob question: why do u have vaal pact if u don't use any life leech. maybe I am blind but I don't see any leech at all anywhere
FailedBlock wrote:
Noob question: why do u have vaal pact if u don't use any life leech. maybe I am blind but I don't see any leech at all anywhere

green gem on his gloves -> blood rage gives life leech
Leech come exclusevily from.ascendancy, blood rage offer phys damage leech not leech in general
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Hi, nice build, just a question, you put on the pasive tree "elemental overload", how yo do critical hits exactly? i dont see nothing on set or pasive tree D:
I put this build together as best I could. I really like it. It is a shame that the +1 curse xoph's blood costs 80 ex right now, more than the rest of the build combined by a fair amount.

I have easily killed pretty much everything I have fought with this and very quickly. I have died to some damage spikes, but I think that is entirely my fault.
A noob question. How can you use Vaal Pact with blood rage?
Vall pact will remove my life regen and blood rage does damage over time so i will lose heatj unless im killing monsters.
First of all, regarding crits, you have more tham enough crits to proc ee cause what you lack in crit chance you replace with attack speed that also scales your damage.

Second of all,blood rage on a full decay period ,on this build at least ,burns aprox 50% of your hp.Thus thats why i dont use an insta health flask since i rarely use it and when i do its mostly for huge chanks of life hits or for off combat debuffs( ignite,poison bleed erc).So an over time healing flask.is more than you need to not self die with blood rage.

Third, xoph +1 is just minmaxing :p
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I noticed trickery passive node above vaal pact which gives20% increased elemental damage and I wondered why u didn't take it especially its just next to one of the nodes you already have. if the answer is lack of skip points would u recommend putting point into it if I had a spare skill point for example?

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