[3.0] BALLZERKER - Molten strike Disfavour Berseker (Safe-Bosskiller-95% of all content viable )

Note : Updated the tree and pantheon slightly to make this build even more tanky while basically losing just some minor health ( 100 +- )
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
Hi !

Can you add skilltree at different lvl pls ?

your build looks really fun ! Im gonna try it !

Hello! First of all, thank you for this build, i really enjoy playing it. I have a question about gear, what do you think about Taming prismatic ring compared to rings listed in guide?
this combo is not worth as much as a good pair of opal.I tried it and it failed in my eyes tbh.
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
Note : added a video of a fellow exile with similar build that includes more info about leveling.
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779

Nice build, crafted this badboy for it :)
Thats a kickass helmet bro! never realy thought of crafting one for the build! will add it as a strong alternative to starkonja :D
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
nice build, what should you use for the 6th socket of belly if you dont have the + 1 curse on xoph's amulet ?

Edited: tried bladefall, not bad
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Trigger Edict of Fury on Hit

Perfect Gloves enchant for this build :)
Thx for the great build guide, i am loving playing this.
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