[3.0] BALLZERKER - Molten strike Disfavour Berseker (Safe-Bosskiller-95% of all content viable )

Where do u get your accuracy from?
Do u reliably activate EO?
all i need is like 300 accuracy aprox from all gear.in general ive yet to face a boss that doesnt melt almost instantly with just t1 accu from my ring.EO is almost always up since 12 balls hiting conctantly.
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Class A dude, helped me out and the build is nasty from what I can see. Good luck to you dude!
Best build ever made!!! pogChamp (Sponsored comment)
Was looking for something like this, I might try this or something similar to this in the near future.

You've really outdone yourself, great build!
Thanks a lot guys for the support ^^
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
johnywalker92 wrote:
Nothing to add here. +1 curse is luxury, otherwise either a clean one could be good, or something like elemental damage as implicit or fire leech if you really want a corrupted xoph's.If you cant afford +1 curse , then drop projectile weakness and add iron will on the cwdt setup on belly.

if u don't have a +1 curse amulet
what is the 6th socket?

on your gide i see : Artic Breath - Firestorm - CWDT - Iron Will - Molten Shell - Proj Weak
if i drop PW what can replace?
is viable to try to play with 5s?
yeap of its viable.Proj weakness is just an extra damage plus adding a defencive layer around you wince firestorm will push enemies away from you.As i said, if you dont have +1 curse you can as well put iron will in there so the insta leech from firestorm and molten shell to become more hardcore and more safe.Othirwise you can as well just play with 5l w/o the proj weakness
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779

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