The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs and Beta are Now Live!

Don't plan on playing the beta (can't deal with finding awesome gear and then not having it transfer to standard at the end). But I saw the legion gear. Could not resist.
Grant us eyes.
GGG i would like to give an advice, since its clear to me now that some of us like the bulky style armor and some of us just dont. ! i think i would've been wise when making a support pack to make a split,
meaning. that from the 160 usd pack or atleast last 2 packs. you will have the option to chose 1 road/line out of 2 meaning that there will be 2 support packs of 220 usd and 2 support packs of 440 usd. left side and right side 1 side would be bulky armor and 1 side would be different 2 top packs for people who want to support but just really dont like these bulky armors.
i was 100% excited for new support packs and planned on getting top tier but. i just dont see any point in my gaming using that beast armor or Kitava, they are just no compare to other armor sets i think giving more options in support packs as in making 2 packs of 440 and 2 sets of 220 would make more people buy packs.
Since I already got a key from past packs; Will I get a second key to give to a friend from buying a supporter pack?
fresh! wp GGG^^
Not impressed with sup packs.its meh and also wery expens.
Jiiks wrote:
Since I already got a key from past packs; Will I get a second key to give to a friend from buying a supporter pack?

yes absolutely.
vio wrote:

edit: all in all is the closed beta amazing. substantially overhauled graphics, shorter loading times, the water looks amazing

excted for the things to come :)

I'll take your word for it.

you can. i'm very impressed with what they've done. friend plays the game on a crappy laptop and he switches instances much faster now.

the game looks "cleaner" now and while i don't like that effect in high frequency rate - films it suits poe just fine.

the water looks so real now that the strand's textures often pale a bit when it comes to detail. but whatever, i like it.
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Always so much complaining. Are people ever happy now days... if you dont like a amour set someone els might. Dont need to bitch and cry about it. if its not the armours its something els. Always something to cry. Spoiled brats.
I am sry but everybody can give an opinion on whatever, I also think those armor sets are weird (maybe except outlaw) and the legacy pack is so much better imo.
awwwww :D :D

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