Get the Purple Portal, Purple Weapon Effect and Purple Footprints Free with Twitch Prime!

Keeps saying "Failed to check for new Twitch account items. Please check back later!"

Edit; Got it by relinking my account to twitch again.
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Malaysia here. It works and you can also set it so the Trial will end your Subscription on the last day if you're worried about getting charged for the next subscription.
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So i got them, all that was needed was billing address for Amazon.
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Ty for scam <3
Does it works for Bulgaria?
fu-k it, you still need a credit card to start trial version
if you done twitch prime free trail and not get loot
try this
1.use any vpn choice USA and open
2.login your account right-top crown and Enjoy!
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Never liked amazon, had to create a new account, because the last one, even if I changed card the account did not want to link with twitch prime, because country of residence had changed but they still only allowed me to try and link it as from UK.
jacky5047 wrote:
I'm still getting the "Oh no! We can't enable twitch prime on your account" message despite twitch prime went global.

Any tip?

same :/ Can someone help us??
Still no Russia in the countrylist? doh
Glacial Hammer now has 3-5% Chance to Poison on the character select screen.


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