Get the Purple Portal, Purple Weapon Effect and Purple Footprints Free with Twitch Prime!

Same problem here =( cant get the microtransactions in game
Buying Quallity gems -
sure you can't get it anymore. The offer was limited until June 19th :/
I was too late, too.
Bring back for users who missed it!!!!
oh no( I missed this event(
why dont close expiried proposals? i think its still aviable linking buttons still works.
but after pay for prime i dont get this proposals. so sad.
Missed. Feelsbadman
I didn't realize it was until july 19 until I had already taken the trial. Now it's useless to me :\ I don't care generally about twitch or amazon at all.
Oh me too... I just saw on Reddit that you get this nice stuff (well dressed competition). Now I followed the link made twitch prime and get nothing? That feels just bad :(
lol i did it and didnt see its old date..... so its a waste for my prime. cool.
I have done all steps and i have not gotten the transaction!! and how can i stream now my poe games?

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