Get the Purple Portal, Purple Weapon Effect and Purple Footprints Free with Twitch Prime!

This is pure discrimination, so sad...
I didnt get anything !
i am twitch prime customer and have followed the instructions. I am linked between the game and twitch but I DONT GET ANY FREE LOOT !!


Sorry! Twitch Prime isn’t available in your country.
Great! No purple for me.
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Sarno wrote:
Funnymask wrote:
but i cannot find anything in the game or the item and my weapons are not purple.

Press M and your Microtransactions stash will open on the left-side of the screen. The effects which you have claimed should be there, and you can apply them to items. The exception being the portal effect, which you can right-click to activate on a per-character basis.

There is still nothing showing up. I have the same message saying SUCCESS in my account. I can't get anything to show in my "M" micro-transactions screen, and have tried logging in/out and restarting the game fresh. Still nothing showing even 5 hours later...
I would've loved to get that purple thingie, but alas, my country is somewhat third-world...That feeling sucks. And after promo is over i will be forced to buy ex-free stuff...Bad move GGG. I think you left many players upset by this.
guys u can all recieve this,watch youtube fresh guides about deutch amazon, it will require just ur mobile number for code. and VPN ofc
just sad that everything for belgium is in french you do know we have 2 languages right?
I hope everyone will get them sooner or later after promotions end without paying.
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