Get the Purple Portal, Purple Weapon Effect and Purple Footprints Free with Twitch Prime!

Amazon prime free trial keeps asking for credit card credentials and I dont have any, It's supposed to let me try it for free, right??. Something is not right at all about how Amazon handle this.

Amazon account - checked
Twitch account - checked
Twitch linked to Amazon - checked
Twitch linked to POE - checked

Can I start the free trial to get the items?? - the answer is no :(

Might someone help me??

Thanks in advance.
we have TOO MUCH PURPLE from Breach League and Essence league, etc. enough already! Can we please get a nice Green armour set free or blue armour set free? something cool for once. I'm tired of ugly colored cosmetics and portal effects and footprint effects.
Isnt fair that most people cant get them..
I can't see any crown. What?

1) I clicked the big purple button
2) Clicked the other big purple button
3) Logged in
4) Connected Twitch<->Amazon
5) Connected Twitch<->POE
7) Can't see any crown. Crown? What crown?

Do I really have to enter a valid credit card to try the free trial?
They are fucking kidding me ? We have to log on amazon and they force us to enter our credit card number !!!?????? I don't even have one ! fu... I always pay my online stuff with paypal, directly from my banq !
Hi I followed every step but havent received any purple stuff
Not sure if this is answered yet

If my amazon prime is expired, does the effects still intact with my account?
Wow Sorry! Twitch Prime isn’t available in your country. :( pity, I'm from Czech republic.... F u Twitch :)
roball wrote:
I love it how I'm unable to take part in this promotion because I'm not from .US

I have it in the UK
EDIT: actually nevermind. Too much hassle :)
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