The Ascendant Class Changes

The Gladiator node is absolutely garbage. The Guardian node gives +5% block chance to you AND allies, while gladiator just gives 4% block chance. Furthermore Guardian gives 10% attack, cast and movement speed while running Aura to you AND allies, while this gladiotor just gives 3% movement speed per block for yourself (oh, yeah who cares about this bit of extra movement speed). That 30% chance to bleed won't compensate for these weak properties. You could say that this Guardian is an upgraded version of the Gladiator node. Gladiator is basicly the ascendancy for block builds, you should expect that at least extra spell blockchance comes with this (like the 100% block chance applied to spells Duelist Gladiator has). But no, Scion will only block farts with these gladiator representatives. Really don't understand this node, should be looked at IMO.

If I am thinking out loud, why does the Scion can only have 2 Notables, while the nodes are already nerved compared to the Original Notables? Isn't that overnerv? Would it not be better to have 2 Notables, but then the Notables aren't nerved from Original. OR that you can have 3 Notables with nerved Notables compared to Original Notables? I am not sure if that would be OP or not, just thinking out loud.
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3.0 Path of Scion, The fall of all other classes

JKJK, some nice buffs, nothing too over the top it seems, hopefully people make some interesting scion builds
Can we keep old culling strike at Slayer instead of always stun on damaging hit?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
need news about other classes
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These changes make me think that Rory lost really bad to a CI Witch as a Scion.
These changes are honestly disappointing overall for having to wait so long to see some love put the scions way. I was hoping this would allow some nice very unorthodox or hybrid builds But, I am not seeing it here. Until the global changes are felt it's still too early to tell, but nothing here makes me want to choose a scion over the other classes. But as it stands it seems alot of give with one hand and take away with the other.

Only reason I used some of these acendencies in the past are for things. (like the 30% spell block on gladiator) which have now been taken away. Necromancer also needs Offering effect on self.
Do people commenting "wow hype nice" etc even tried to read those changes?

They are miniscule and boring.
Please change:
- Berserker
So it's 1% life leech all the time
- Gladiator
Remove: two last bonuses to movement speed and dmg (it's shiet)
Add: blood explosion and spell block

Also ability to start from different location sucks abit because we need to wait for merci lab, and we need to reskill (remove temporary path) which is 7 points in my case
Marauder Nodes is still unplayable as a scion , needs more buff!

Berserker needs 1% life and mana all the time
20% of damage leeched as life when taking a savage hit

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