The Ascendant Class Changes

Just want to chime in that these changes are lacklustre, GGG. Really happy to see some love for the Scion class, as a theorycrafter that plays as much Path of Building as other games. Everything I try to make with her is always crap because you just get more damage and defence as a pure class. The extra skill points don't make up for the watered-down ascendencies.

It was weak and underpowered before, now its just as weak - but different! In fact, some people even want the old weak and underpowered, lol.

If it's going to have weaker bonuses than the rest of the classes, then you have to give it something unique! Otherwise, it's useless, it's a noob-trap - Which, btw, you have publicised that you want to move away from these in order to secure a wider player base.

You have the potential to create a really fun, interesting, and exciting "hybrid class" with the Scion.
Maybe if it gave 10+ skill points in addition to the pathing, the numbers would APPROACH the damage/defense values of the same build made on a pure class, but it would still be watered down due to the lacklustre unique effects of the asecendancy.
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Yeah sadly these changes look quite underwhelming. However, haha if you wait long enough, some streamer will find a way to make it hype.
I also dont think the people claiming these changes are hype have read the changes, they just saw the word "changes".
So, at the end of it, Scion is still bad-at-all-trades. Those won't really allow "never before seen combinations" because the ascendancies are still underwhelming and limit the class to, technically, one two buffs whereas other classes receive four, not to mention four much better small passive buffs.

The way I see it is that those would be ideal if they followed the pattern:

First point allows the Scion to choose the "Path of" passive, rather than the very last one;
Second point allows the Scion to choose one of the class' equivalent Ascendancy buff;
Third point gives bonus Passive Skill points.

The class' equivalent buffs are already toned down as they are, so I don't see much harm coming from letting a Scion choosing up to 4 buffs -- quite the contrary, that would make her even with everyone else. She would still be a jack-of-all-trades class, but a much better one at that.
My suggestion to make Scion a good "jack of all trades": Let her ascendancy nodes that give her 1 skill point give her 3 to 5 extra points. That will enable here to complete one whole node cluster extra on the skill tree compared to other characters, giving her just the right amount of extra power. Need more life? Take some extra life nodes. Need more offense? Now you could path to a new offense cluster! Or even get a few more jewel sockets.

I generally like the direction of the changes, but I think Raider in particular is a bit weak with only 10% chance for charge. I think 20% would strike a better balance so it does not just promote very rapid hitting build, but also the more higher damage but slower attack speed builds. More so since she does not get any frenzy duration buffs compared to the Ranger Raider, so they will be harder to build and harder to maintain.
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Who I am? Pluses from passive tree needer. Autobots comments is the best. Transformers foreva epta.
I see some mistakes in the development of this ascendant class, it is too weak still, you are treathing the scion nodes in the wrong way...So lets start from the beginning, the lab gives an important node with every clas in each difficult so at the end it is 4 important nodes for everyone but scion, the scion only takes 2 important nodes or 3 if we count the start in other class three and there is the mistake, we need the scion to take 4 nodes and is easy to fit that in the scion peculiar ascendancy, just make the 2 important nodes more powerfull, not to much, only the needed and i'm gonna to make some examples in few words.

I'm gonna use a mathematical example

Other class important ascendancy nodes = 1 each one
Actual scion important ascendancy nodes = 1 each one
Final other class ascendancy tree = 4 (1+1+1+1=4)
Final scion ascendancy tree = 3 (1+1+1=3)

How we can correct this? Just convert 2 of the nodes to 1.5 so at the end the final scion ascendancy tree worth like 4 points and this is how i could correct this:

Taking in mind that every node of the scion have 4 lines and worth 1 point we need to convert that to a 1.5 points node and is simple, just add 2 more lines to each one.

For example, in the raider ascendancy you could add these two
10% chance to gain a frenzy charge on kill
#% increased evasion rating while on full frenzy charges

This doesn't make the scion overpowered and if you want a full frenzy/onslaught/phasing character the raider is still a better option, you also have the beta to test and balance the scion with new ideas, but i wanted to share mine, sorry if my english is hard to understand but i tried my best and i didn't wanted to use google translator because it sucks more than me(kappa)...See you in the 3.0 or in the beta if GGG accept my kidney, have a good day.
So many characers. No one read this shetty. Really bro, delete autobots comments and remain only 1 comment from me.
wait just leveling a scion in beta and I just realized that you have taken away culling strike from the slayer portion of the tree?? guess my dreams have been shattered for a 3.0 starter character... wtf ggg
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Chunu0327 wrote:
wait just leveling a scion in beta and I just realized that you have taken away culling strike from the slayer portion of the tree?? guess my dreams have been shattered for a 3.0 starter character... wtf ggg

They increased dmg by 10% on rares/elite instead because some idiot tought that is same thing.

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