The Ascendant Class Changes

Hi not so bad....GGG when it will be new supporter pack>?????
hmmm inquisitor still has something with elemental ailments. I guess thats on purpose.
holy hell this is going to be amazing!! can't wait to play beta!!
She still deserves more love (buffs), give her the start on another point in the first lab at least and change the last node (the faces) to something else, for example in the shadow path give her damage over time, crit multiplier and stuff like that, like a specialization of the node you get before.

The buff are great in some cases but scion still sucks.
I think this could actually be introduced to the main game right now, couldn't it? This is a whole ascendancy here ...
Snorkle_uk wrote:
(...) I looked at the scion a few times way back and thought "this looks totally shit, I will never play any of this" and that was that. So when I look at this (...) still all looks completely shit and I wont play any of it so... (...)

Whatever, the scion has been dead for so long, its still dead, meh.

This. This right here, words of hard, cold truth. Perfectly sums up my feelings about Scion changes. As long as she remains being jackshit at literally everything there's no reason to pick her over any other possible Ascendancy choice since it's strictly worse...

Scion should have 3 Ascendancies to choose from, just like other characters - one of them could be this garbage Master of Nothing we have right now, I'm sure all 3 Scion players out there will appreciate it.

Second could be something Jewel Socket oriented (just like Pathfinder is flask oriented) - for the love of god, getting lots of Jewels was one of the Scion's strong points after introduction of Jewels...

Third... work in progress.
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Marrond wrote:
I'm sure all 3 Scion players out there will appreciate it.

12 Ascendants in the ladder for just Legacy SC...


Hence your joke is already a flop.

Sure, Scion sucks compared to other classes, we can agree on that. But that doesn't stop people from playing it, nor completing the Scion achievements and trying builds difficult to pull off with other classes.
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I don't normally take time to post on the forums, since the thoughts I have are usually espoused by somebody else by the time I get there. However, I haven't seen this suggestion anywhere, and I think it would fix a lot of the problems that Scion has.

The thought I had, was to take the first two points of each branch of the Ascendant tree, the +40/+20x2 attributes and the passive skill point, and combine them into one node, or remove one of them entirely if that is too powerful. As it stands currently, Scion doesn't really get much benefit out of the first two or last two Ascendancy points. By changing this, a Scion would be able to take four mini-ascendancies, three and a Path of the "Insert other class here", or even two and two, allowing for possibilities with the skill tree that none of the other classes could.

Anyways, regardless, I do hope that GGG actually does look into buffing Scion more than what the proposed changes here are, because some of their changes are more straight up nerfs than buffs.
Idk why people are saying Scion is still bad, some of these look really nice. Necromancer/Guardian support scion now looks super sweet. Scion can now pick Slayer or elementalist for the reduced reflect now, which is nice and the deadeye stuff looks much better. I think these changes are great, I for one am happy to see them. Here are some ideas for build combinations I thought of for you all to think about.

- Necro/Guard Scion Support
- Deadeye/Slayer
- Necro/Guard Scion Summoner with The Baron (Easy sockets = easy Brawn/Efficient Training/Inertia)
- Inquisitor/Deadeye __=\ Could make Nuro's Harp actually
- Elementalist/Deadeye =/ viable for once maybe? (nah)
- Occultist/Trickster maybe?

Any improvements are better than no improvements at all, but I'll still see Scion as a socket-stacking kind of class. Either quirky or extreme in few cases.
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It seemed that all things point to Scions as it was intended. Still not a huge fan of the class design, but these are some incredible changes!

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