Solo Self-Found Statistics

10% is honestly a higher percent than I thought it would be.
I've been dabbling in SSF HC Legacy since I got 36/40 and bailed on regular Legacy. It's an interesting but ultimately frustrating way to play.

I finally found Zana in the wild after a dozen or more T1-3 maps run through the ol' Eternal Laboratory. She gave me an Underground River with double bosses plus boss damage. You can't see a damned thing in that arena where bossman's Earthquake is concerned, so I couldn't position myself properly to avoid them. They cut through my ~4.8k EHP like it was nothing.

Not only did it rip my character at L75, but if I want to continue that league I'll have to find Zana all over again to get the map device in my hideout. Feels bad, man.
I'm too old for this shit.
Path of Flasks isn't really what I signed up for 4 years ago. It's no wonder the 12345 crisis bit GGG in the ass when they banned Zizaran; Flask-Mashing has basically replaced the whole concept of "skill".

Playing since Nov'14 just before Bloodlines/Torment release, livestream since 2018, hosting Fated Connections PoE Community Podcast with BalorMage. I look forward to providing a lot more quality content in the future to come :3
*> 10% is honestly a higher percent than I thought it would be.
60x7 wrote:
10% is honestly a higher percent than I thought it would be.

There was a larger non-vocal minority than expected?
Very surprising that Ethereal Knives did not make the list... Honestly I am skeptical of the data since I did not see this skill in the top 10
I really hope they will nerf flasks in 3.0 and boost pathfinder
are there any suprises? no.

ES > life. everyone knows that

gem-level based damage > weapon based damage. everyone knows that (this btw shows that people DO NOT LIKE looting in a loot based game!)

the same skills for several years now.

the same ascendancies (elementalist, inquisitor, necromancer - all gem-level based setups that can be played with no gear whatsoever)

gearing crisis. people actually do not like looting in your game GGG. they do not trust they will manage to get anything usable so they opt to play setups that do not require any gear

you either remove these setups or allow all classes/archetypes to rely on gems only: scale melee gems with levels in a notable way

btw. ancestral warchief is STUPID..

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