Solo Self-Found Statistics

letouconFTW wrote:
sidtherat wrote:
are there any suprises? no.

ES > life. everyone knows that

gem-level based damage > weapon based damage. everyone knows that (this btw shows that people DO NOT LIKE looting in a loot based game!)

the same skills for several years now.

the same ascendancies (elementalist, inquisitor, necromancer - all gem-level based setups that can be played with no gear whatsoever)

gearing crisis. people actually do not like looting in your game GGG. they do not trust they will manage to get anything usable so they opt to play setups that do not require any gear

you either remove these setups or allow all classes/archetypes to rely on gems only: scale melee gems with levels in a notable way

btw. ancestral warchief is STUPID..

what a quality, insightful comment you made. xD
Maybe one day GGG will realize we don't like Labyrinth. ha.
Archwizard wrote:
mrosendahl wrote:
I would love a self found league with party enabled no trade ofc.

Unless you bind gear to the player, as soon as you allow partying you allow trading.
They could use a similar system to how new accounts with a character under (20?) is unable to drop or trade currency items.

Just have it apply to all items instead. Then you could still get the self found experience without being able to buy challenges or items or lab runs... while still being able to play with a group of friends.
I guess I will have to buy a one way ticket to hell with your lives
Ygidua wrote:
Atziri's Promise

Am I missing something?

I had four of those drop from Atziri and I vendored all except one. What is so special about this item, that it´s considered "good"?!

The problem with SSF is you can't get anything reliably. In general, yes the flask is good and cheap so people get it. For SSF its one of the few uniques that you can just go and get.

FWIW, this is the only unique flask that I want that I have been able to get. I have been looking out for wise oaks, witchfires etc. with no luck. I have been farming normal dunes for the granite flask cards. I used all my dunes drops and any that I could craft from lower level maps and I got 1/5 after about 30 dunes or so.

That is why i have a Deadeye and a Champion. Hate these "top builds", most of the players just copy other builds and dont even try to create anything. I can do everything that a Raider can do, with my Deadeye, so why Raider is that popular? Lazy people.
Sexcalibure wrote:
the banner

Diablo 1 axe incoming?

Maybe just a coincidence?
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
Give me 1000x rarity void SSF league and I'll play it. Otherwise, it's just a "no trade/no party" bragging bullshit.
BlowITA wrote:
Give me 1000x rarity void SSF league and I'll play it. Otherwise, it's just a "no trade/no party" bragging bullshit.

To each their own. I've been quite enjoying SSF. There's a few reasons:

1.) It requires a higher level of game knowledge. Because your gear is limited, you have to understand game mechanics to an extent to both maximize what you can get, and build around what you can't. Your build needs to be adaptable and still be capable of power to get to late game. It's quite a different challenge then trying to min/max around a specific item's interaction that most builds do.

2.) Crafting has been a blast. Rather than just saving away my chaos, my exalts, and my other 'currency' I'm actively using it to craft. A chaos dropping feels more meaningful since it's actually something I can use instead of just some money dropping. I've been a lot more invested in vendor recipes and oft ignored mechanics, as trading makes them obsolete

3.) I'm making more use out of uniques I'd otherwise ignore. Normally I'd just buy whatever unique or rare would be optimal, but instead I'm making use of whatever I can get my grubby little hands on; and in doing so, I'm gaining a lot more appreciation for the potential of several items I'd previously skipped over. Certainly they're not end game potential I'd get in a trading environment, but still fun to use them none the less.

4.) While I thought I had great item knowledge before concerning affixes, my knowledge has actually expanded a decent amount. Since I can't just buy a crafting base, I actually have to pay attention to the item levels dropping, figuring out what tiers of rolls it can get, and deciding how much 'currency' to invest into it. It's also another drive to keep pushing further - to keep getting to those higher ilvl crafting bases.

5.) When "that" item drops, It's been the original experience all over again. That first 6 link you ever got - ssf has given me that experience back. Because trading is so powerful, and I've learned so much about the game, and can easily make whatever funds I need in a standard league to get what I want, I lost appreciation for some of the more profound acquisitions. That 20% quality gem that fits into your build, that 5 link prophecy, that Lightning Coil drop. These are exciting experiences again.

I personally feel that SSF is a great experience for players that have been around for quite some time / have a lot of hours into the game and we know so much that trade just accelerates the curve too fast. SSF is a great way to slow it down and really enjoy the progression steps again.

In my opinion, a high drop rate SSF isn't really SSF at all. You would lose the experience of accomplishment. If there was a massively buffed drop rate, I would actually not care at all for it, I wouldn't feel like I've "earned" anything, or that I managed to get some awesome RNG. It would be like playing D3, just a flat grind as what you want is eventually going to drop, just keep grinding until it does. Instead now, you have to take into account that what you want might not drop, and try to play the odds into your favor with understanding of game mechanics such as leagues, divination cards, and bases.

I love SSF just the way it is - I'm very grateful to GGG for providing it in a way where I can't just let myself slack and "just buy this one leveling item to get over this hump", because I know I would if I could, haha.
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XeroSlayer wrote:
Are those skills listed in order of most used cause there is no damn way cyclone is higher than both BF and BV

Why not? And how would you know? People love spin to win.
Talsiman + SSF is no fun. In general was as expected. Suprised so many people went full mesochistic on SSF HC. Pretty happy in SFF SC. What pleases me most is that i can experiment without people trashtalking my clearspeed. Also having 8 ascendency points without people telling you "you were carried through uber" is nice, too. The masters are kinda tricky but without op uniques many of the master mods fill some holes I neverknew existed. Minion life + minion damage gloves from catarina with the minion essence are kinda sweet. Zana was a big thing to get and took quite the while. Unrelated to that the other thing that I had to invest quite the while into was Uberlab. It took me 25 trials to get a full set of them. Was well into red maps at that point.
If I remember correctly Leo was disabled in the beginning of this league. I kinda want to try low level ssf pvp. Without close to unlimited item pools it should make the builds more diverse.
Sorry for the long post. In the unlikely event of a short post. There sure is something I should feel sorry about anyway.
My main problem with SSF and the reason I left: my inability to 6L things. I`m talking 2.5k+ fus without linking. Im talking about countless hours in the hedge maze trying to get the 6L bow (gave up at 3/6 cards).
I even tried the 6L armour div cards and got 2 times a bad armour (I think both were an armour/ES low lvl hybrid).
The league has to account for the unlucky, b/c with trading even the most unlucky of players can chaos-recipe enough for a basic 6L to push them to guardians+. Right now I'm not aware of a solution for the unlucky.

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