Damage Over Time Changes - Part 2

So now it's basicly useless to try to craft something ? Since there's so much preffixes/suffixes now
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I like that a lot of the game mechanics will make more sense going into 3.0 now that DoT has a lot of its own modifiers, mechanic interactions and is separated from other types of damage.
How do these changes to Damage over Time interact with Trap and Mine Damage modifiers?

Currently Trap and Remote Mine Support are excluded from working with DoTs, while everything else in that alley still does work. Can we assume that with 3.0 trap damage from tree still does work with DoTs and the Trap support too?

Edit: In hopes it gets picked up. How does this extend to Totem Damage?
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Somewhat related: While you are changing things please fix "melee on full life" to actually work with melee NOT just melee PHYSICAL on full life only.

All i want for 3.0 ty!
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Herald of Ash needs to be on the radar. From these notes it seems it will still be able to generate ignites that double dip from fire/elemental damage.

Oooo, quite excited.
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So something like less duration will still work as a damage modifier as well as a duration modifier for viper strike? The poison part of it, not the initial hit obviously. Ditto for rapid decay?
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since poison are ailments then, will they work the same like elemental ailments then?
means: a crit with phys dmg will cause bleeding?
crit with chaos will poison?

guess no, since you already said there will be new weapon prefixes "% chance to cause bleeding/poison"

why is this?
y no chaos dmg crit=poison?

i mean, since u have to rebalance the dmg anyway, you could include this as the standard mechanic for ailments, right?
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unsleashed wrote:
did ggg fucked up or not? come over to the hype train!

They basically dumpstered anything dot related and made AoE type of dot shit pretty much terrible such as Vortex

And I highly doubt the passives via talents is going to make it anything worthhwhile example the balance of the whole AoE nerf was the dumbest shit I've ever seen now nobody takes aoe nodes because it's not worth it etc.

Same thing will likely happen here we haven't seen the passives sure but you can already foreshadow it being dogshit.
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