Damage Over Time Changes - Part 2

i dont get it GGG you dont will that players have FUn in the game right ^^
Crit's not affecting Poison you just turned Assassin in to a ALL NEW Monster. xD
I might actually begin to understand the game mechanics after 2 or 3 years.
So I'm still pretty new to the game and am not very good with all of the calculations that go into the mechanics. Could you maybe do a step-by-step of, for example, how this impacts the calculations behind a hit+ignite of an Oro's Sacrifice using Flicker?
they killed poison/bleeding builds NotLikeThis
Will you be rebalancing Righteous Fire?

Being able to freeze anything seems like a nice buff to hypothermia, thanks for that.
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Aw, I was hoping Blight wouldn't get nerfed.
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we going to need a video of before and after
Still failing to solve "The Riddle of Melee" 4.0 HYPE!!!
THE EAGLES!!! (bleeds out from a wound to the gut because his armor and evasion both failed...again)
the eagles...are...coming...(coughs)...the eagles...
Watching now

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