How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

Let´s see how quickly I mess up and rip this sword to SC.
New glowes on new character
Been playing a bit of bestiary yesterday. Finally found a chest upgrade for the absolutely shitty 5L from town vendor I've used so far. I was weighting if I should use Vorici for 5L, luckily I didn't and it linked in about 30 fus. (I always use Vorici for the 6S, tho):

Also, this dropped white from a random mob. But I prefer the more defensive 5L chest.

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Got tilted by my champion wander's general lack of defense and survivability. Re-rolled my leaguestarter Ascendant FB totems into Explosive Arrow. Best skill.

Somehow I had managed to vendor both Quillrains I found so I'm stuck using a bloody storm cloud for the time being. My gear is absolutely ass though, and I've had some severely bad luck in finding upgrades, which is making progressing to high yellow maps a struggle.

Probably going to spend the next few evenings doing some brainless MF in T1-2 maps using some of this stuff desperately hoping to find something decent.

Also, 200 chance orbs spent on short bows and no quill rain. Man why did I think I had three and vendored the two I had.
21/05/18 - The beginning of the end of PoE

I've had like 3 abyssal depths and 2 of them had Liches

planning to use that Tombfist once I get decent abyssal jewels

5 link made me smile, life roll is shite but oh well.
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ok, other than map drops.

poorly with jewels, keep getting fire damge unique jewels not cold... nd cant get detonate mines for the life of me.

Got a 6 link bow, may have to start over lol
Lucky enchant. I have another Baron so I'll keep grinding for my GG (Zombie dmg).

Completed 2 ChallengesDoubleU wrote:

5 link made me smile, life roll is shite but oh well.

Scour the chest. Transmute. Alt/aug til better life roll. Regal. Mastercraft res.

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