How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

patlefort3 wrote:

Finally 40/40 SSF :)


Congrats on your 40/40 clear! Bet it feels damn good when you find that last essence and glad that you stick in there. :)
Wow, 40/40 in SSF is huge!
Lucky dodge boot craft + 1x ex:

Doing lab for enchantments is no longer quite as bad as before 3.0 but its still bad. The 'pure RNG without knowing anything beforehand' enchant system isnt quite right. For some builds - like the one I am trying to make - enchants are necessary for the build to function. So I do lab x times. And get all kind of cool other enchants without getting the one I want and have to overwrite them. Not fun (for me). I wasnt even unlucky (<20 runs) but its still one of the "not fun" parts of PoE. Otherwise I dont mind the new 3.0 lab much though. Enchantment system however is still bad.

Also lucky - max rolls:

And got Soul Mantle from lab chest. Probably not going to use it this late in the league. But was looking for it:

SSF Hardcore Abyss

Found a pretty sweet shield, makes me want to roll freeze pulse.
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Why drop now grrr.

No time to do some bow build and I don't fancy doing one anyway.Might have to just sell it for a Divine.
Completed 14 ChallengesKavlor wrote:
Why drop now grrr.

No time to do some bow build and I don't fancy doing one anyway.Might have to just sell it for a Divine.

Some caster builds (with Essence crafted +2, combines well with Annulment orbs this league) use them too. Just make sure the build wants some green socket/s...
SSF Hardcore Abyss
Best Item this season, lucky nullified an alched claw and slammed it 2 times:

The attack speed was mandandtory for the build, in regular harbinger this thing would cost a few exalts last time I looked.

5 usable stats.
Well.. I've gotten a couple more things I think are useful.

I had the armor which was already a 5S, and a handful of Fuses, and figured I'd give it a shot, and low and behold, my second Fuse yielded a 5L. The 4 green sockets make it a pretty big upgrade from the Templar armor (with two greens, two reds and a blue) that I was using before.

Then to day I got this:

If I can get a decent Bow base, I'll use that on it.
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And collecting the 4th one...check

I wish I would see like at least ONE piece from the left side :(
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