How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

Not in the official SSF league but doing everything on my own (build + gear). on my 7th character in 3 weeks since I started playing again lol. Last time I played was 2014 or 15 I think. Enjoying it a lot.
I was incredibly lucky to find a Tabula while doing act 6 on a character, it helps the leveling on all those characters. I hope this is the final character for the coming time, we'll see, i'm learning from the mistakes :)

The best character I made could do tier 1 maps, but was quite weak in defenses (ES witch with fireball/storm) I build it to utilize chaos inoculation, but the ES felt too weak.

Today I leveled a molten strke scion to act V, but then I realized I completely forgot I didn't want to rely on armor alone and didn't have any INT nodes, so I had to start over again to make a new scion that can wear armor + ES gear. I'm at act 3 again, I really hope this is the one because i've been at the lower level content long enough now :P
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Very lucky dodge shield craft - much better than what I expected to get - plus 2 ex Elreon and ~1+ divine:

SSF Hardcore Abyss
I listed some videos and the characters that I've used in this league to get 40/40 here:
Just 6-linked kondo's for 40 fusings total. Not sure if i should bring it Kitava.
Changed poison Siege Ballista Pathfinder to an elemental attack totem dodge build. Havent played dodge much - and not recently - so its rather experimental. Currently farming currency for 6link in body. Dont play very much though so it may take some time.

And shortly after I ditched the poison/chaos part I chanced this... Loot filter was still showing the base.
SSF Hardcore Abyss
Dizzinged 93 a few days back.

Cleared the Guardians, am saving Shaper attempts.

Didnt want to grind maps after that, since I still need to farm Shaper attempts, and I always RIP at least once per Guardian.

After a day or two of PoE ennui,I decided W/E, gonna shoot for 94 since I have a few weeks left in Harbinger anyway.
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Act 6 the Coast paying out handsomely.

Dropped in Harbinger map

Should be useful with a cyclone build I have,was saving a rare Marble amulet but despite no res has some nice mods.

Been thinking of this and one dropped (for use with Pursuit of faith Asc).


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Completed 17 ChallengesKavlor wrote:
Why drop now grrr.

No time to do some bow build and I don't fancy doing one anyway.Might have to just sell it for a Divine.

Some caster builds (with Essence crafted +2, combines well with Annulment orbs this league) use them too. Just make sure the build wants some green socket/s...

Yet another dropped lol

I've got a couple more things I think are worth showing off:

The Starkkonja's Head dropped last night. Both that and the Hrimsorrows are things I might be able to use, assuming I can balance out my resists.
" ... and this, too, shall pass away ... "
Okay, one more, even though most people's interest in Harbinger has clearly waned.

Found this tonight, I've always wanted one.
" ... and this, too, shall pass away ... "

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