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Content Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes and Updated Deployment Timeline

Singapore gateway- still having constant 200 ping (from malaysia since last week).

any way to fix this mod?
Yeah I'm at 125/125 and I'm only running t12+ now. Map drops seem pretty generous this league.
I wish Ball Lightning's preformace get a little buff on higher level or increase base critical chance.
Sutehkh wrote:
Really not liking the Divination Strongbox change. I usually play with a couple friends, so this = less fun.

Is the number of people who play with friends or in guilds so absurdly low that not a single bone gets thrown our way?

Most of the endgame content is already much tougher in a group anyway, as each patch goes by we have less and less incentive to play with guild improvements (even if just QoL ones) continually ignored and parties getting screwed.


+1 , that's why 80 % of the players play solo , even on ehc....
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ggg your timetable management atm is terrible! why not replace your whole schedule with the word DELAYED!
"The Decay damage from the Essence of Delirium can no longer stack when you have two sources of this damage"

Sources... what the hell does that mean? doesn't work with ED (both chaos dmg)? doesn't work when you stack it with blade vortex? doesn't work when you have two weapons with decay?

Also, fix RF + essence of horror already.
I don't see NEW SKILLS, god dang it!
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zio_kose wrote:
The Shaper can no longer be Taunted.

The Guardians of the Void can no longer be permanently taunted. They can only be taunted every so often.

What is the point of creating mechanical and then make the boss immune to these? All have to face-tank bosses? especially in a game where there are no heal skills, where having 75% reduction of elemental damage is like having 0% in any other game, where some bosses have skills that can one-shot regardless of your max HP or your defenses?

Like elemental status, why some end-game boss is immune to elemental status if there is already a rule related to the enemy max life? and knockback? we must all build melee tank?

Since who in end-game cares about trash?

There is a heal skill is called wormblaster.
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What's up with all these "1% of player are able to..." or "80% of players play solo..." comments? Where do you get those numbers? My experiences in this league tells totally different numbers. All my friends and guild m8s are doing end game content (tier 11-16 maps) and most of us are playing totally different builds. And in our guild 80% of players are playing in groups of any size.

And to those who are complaining about delayed patches etc. Would you like them to put our broken patches? It is only few days guys! :D World doesn't end because of those minor delays!
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that's quite a huge chunk of issues you've managed here. well done.


for some general feedback:

having played the game in groups/guilds before and more or less soloing now i can say that the gap of progress between the two styles got huge even with modest time investment of 3 to 4 hours a day.
maybe it's feeling this way because the step from soloing to playing in a guild is more rewarding and positive, the way back to starvation ... let's say it requires alot of love for the game and the endless grind.

carto sextants? found 4 of the low level ones yet, applied one which didn't do much.
cartographer seal? never found one
shaper orb? found one and used it

i really wish i had more time for the game.
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