Content Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes and Updated Deployment Timeline

Sextant stuff seems alright.I'm glad my advice about them not being rewarding enough helped out.Although now they are more expensive to upgrade, So look like ill never find a Red Tier one. but at least i have 5 whites, and 2 yellows. Just wish i knew you could upgrade them before hand. Come to me my Lovely Sexy Tents!!!

The next Few changes however:

But The fact that a already hard to find Unique map is now impossible to find and finish oh ya and btw the prices sky rocketed for Hallowed Ground just skyrocketed to 35+ chaos on essence boy am i glad i finished that when it was 5+ chaos..

And another big thumbs up on making the hard enough guardians and their op Master that can only be beaten by a small hand full of class's, Even stronger as now you won't be able to kite or survive nearly as long. A challenge i sadly will not be able to get as i refuse to play the same class as everyone else, I.E. Blade Vortex flasker, Totem, And Essence Drain Contagion.. Sadly no thanks, Still waiting to see those new channeled skills.

And Diviners Box is now completely useless, I haven't received anything good from them to begin with but now at least i don't have to waste a bunch of currency rolling them more. Btw before i accidentally did a monstrous treasure while playing with my little brother and in the diviner we rolled awesomely with + items and the such. Only about 10 Cards dropped and i got a total of 4. So how many would drop now ? Half of that i am going to assume?

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I believe you guys could relax your schedule a bit without worry. I think a lot of us feel that stability and performance matter a bit more than new content. Not that it isn't needed to keep people around but maybe a month in between leagues isn't so terrible. You can always run side events and races. Cut throat is a good event to perhaps test out some pvp only balancing. Hell events are a good way to test ideas out in general in my opinion.

I really think you should have at least 1 way for a player to win a stash tab. Even if its only just once in their whole life. Throw people a bone for dumping so many hours into your creation, even if their a cheapskate :p. It just might entice them to spend a little cash after all.

I'm more excited for performance improvements than anything every patch note release because party play is what makes this game fun. And it's really hard to make it work with the "screen vomit" that can happen. Not just because of lag issues but it makes it physically hard to see whats going on during the game.

I have faith you guys haven't lost that hardcore side to ya from these notes as well :). Either way it's just my opinion. I love what you guys are doing and hope PoE becomes what you envisioned, just don't let it get tooo casual. It is okay to be known for being a tough game too.
we really need a command in chat like "party_leave" or similar
🅰🅻🅸🅽 ::: ! ♥ PoE ツ 👌 :::

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