Content Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes and Updated Deployment Timeline

meh, not excited anymore.........
Still not going to come back to the game. I miss it but 2 weeks of this season and 5 ex spent on just getting from t11-t13 maps is bull $h1t. Hundreds of posts about it from hundreds of players fall on deaf ears. Oh wait a bunch of new MTX every patch and mini patch that will make them flock, yeah right think again GGG

I don't like that Shaper can't be taunted at all, but I understand the reason that totems shouldn't be as shiny as they are. But why can't players taunt? I would like to get the ghosty Shaper in 3rd phase off Zana and onto me if he decides to start with Zana in an add phase--which will turn into a force logout since Zana dies in 2 melee strikes from Mr. Ghost Shaper. When I do Shaper in party (don't ask it's a scrubcore thing), I also like to taunt so I stay in control of the situation. Taunting is a legitimate part of party play...ohhhh yeahhhh they don't like us partying. Nevermind.
just a scrub.
""Incinerate can now generate more than one charge per channel."

Either Lies or Apparently not with Romira's equipped XDDD"

I don't think the patch is live yet but the post saying it will be up tomorrow morning is from the 16th.. so I feel like its maybe late?
If you dont promote GGG on youtube or suck up to them your cries will always go unanswered. GGG is at the point now where they only care about the money and not the people who play the game. Great my character can look awesome stuck at level 90 for months with 100's of ex worth of gear. Cant get passed 90 cause some crazy unforseen problem or lag spike happens and i lose a ton of xp. Not to mention I have played since 2012 and SUPPORTED the game back when GGG had little money yet not one mirror has dropped for me but I know some Youtubers who have gotten three this past year. What a coincidence.

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nooblord69 wrote:
Awesome patch, looking forward to trying it out as well as any other changes GGG wishes to make. Always been a fan of this game, don't think any balance patches will change that

second this :)
POE is life. POE is ♥.
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I haven't been able to get a Hallowed Grounds map yet, and here I just read on it being nerfed yet again apparently. What was wrong with it in the first place that caused the need to nerf it so much?
Tian_Yihao wrote:
In the Racecourse map, the Crusher of Gladiators now only reflects 15% of damage taken, rather than 75%.

I seriously wonder how the dialogue went when the 75% value was set AND it was chosen NOT having any warning on the boss.

Still a bit salty from an undeserved borderline instadeath from reflect.
Pretty sure "Roll the Dice" is often used during balancing and gameplay changes.

"How do we balance this?"

Something like this, I believe.
falagar112 wrote:
facelessman122 wrote:
sauldosanjos wrote:
Have the Essence mod for 'Socketed Gems deal 30% More Elemental Damage' been fixed for Righteous Fire?

Essence of horror and no one seems too know, considering the other essence bug fixes I'm going to be really annoyed if it hasn't been sorted.

I see this question keep popping up...

RF is DEGEN damage, not damage over time nor elemental damage. It doesn't even proc EE.

yyy, since it's a degen it is damage over time too

This does work for me
also it IS elemental since inc elemental nodes and elemental focus with more ele dmg works just fine for it[/quote]

its also burning damage.. (offline)

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