[No longer updated] Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Hierophant

Hi, how does it feel to play fire nova mines without the saboteur ascendacy? is it bad?

What is your dmg shown in tooltip? Just for comparison purposes?
Hello guys, this build would work as a starter on 3.1? Thanks.
Thanks for this build guide. I started with the flameblast, then changed over to glacial cascade and managed to do the Shaper :)
I've got a question about the Arcane Surge setup. The guide says:

"Curses have a nice combination of high mana cost and low cast time, meaning that with this setup you can trigger level 20 Arcane Surge in two casts, or about 0.4 seconds"

Well, I checked out the PoB link, and it looks like lvl20 Temporal Chains + Arcane Surge + Increased Duration + Increased Area of Effect costs 107 mana to cast. At the same time, you need to spend 400 mana to proc lvl20 arcane surge. That's four casts, not two. Are the PoB numbers off, is the information in the OP outdated, or am I misinterpreting something here?
Fuck master rotas. Fuck any kind of rotas, for that matter.
Went to LV76 with this in SSF a while back, then returned to it as Harbinger died down. As I went to refresh gear/gems/passives/etc., I read back through this thread for any updates or pointers. I keep seeing references to switching to Glacial Cascade over the past 10 pages or so, but I am not seeing anything in the original guide about it.

Can someone point me to a post describing how best to migrate to GC?

EDIT: I am silly, found it in the original guide:

BUILD VARIANT - Replace Flameblast with Glacial Cascade, Faster Casting with Physical to Lightning and Anger with Hatred and you have yourself a strong GC totems build. TBH it might be stronger than this one...
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have anyone tried the new tesla totems? looks fun, i'm thinking of trying it in the new league
Thanks for the build but it kinda feels way too slow for me, I'm using firestorm along with flameblast totem and the curse.
Btw I'm kinda new to PoE, should I keep any gem at a certain level or upgrade them all to max?
Cuz I remember for immortal call and cast on dmg taken in necromancer build, I had to keep them at a pretty low level. Is it the same for this too?
I take you build for start, Sank you.
Completed 36 Challengesviperesque wrote:
3.1 Update

Please check out the Path of Building import for this build to see representative stats. If you don't yet use Path of Building, you should! You can find more information and a download link here.

As a taster, single target with decent gear (per totem):

and pack clear:

1a# Consider the Damage it shows... is this 2.6?? i mean 369k? (170k unbuffed)?
.b# If this is 2.6, Why have the Damage Tooltip not been updated?

2# Second part Who is the better choice now TEMPLAR:Inquisitor (OR) WITCH:Elementalist ??
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