[3.1] Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Inquisitor

Seems like Discipline is more useful in this build than Anger, might just be my playstyle, but that extra energy shield is sweet, anger doesnt make much diference for me .
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Quick question does orb of lightning still damages when we have ancestral bond?
Quick question does orb of lightning still damages when we have ancestral bond?

No you dont, you or your self-cast abilities will deal no-damage.
however ONLY your TOTEMS will be able to output the damage for you, so maintain them.

If you got the Skill tree node "ancestral bond"
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anyone tried spell echo with FB totems?
How do you reach a Total more DPS of 2046% in PoB? When i try to rebuild i reach 806.... Same Equipment, quite same Passives..... I even use 4 Totems instead of 2 but still reach only 806% Increased more.... lemme Pastebin my build to you, its strength and Iron will based. it has only 6 casts per second and a bit lower Crit chance but the cast speed doesnt effect the increases in Total more, does it?

ING: Pan_Samolodzik
Hi all, I'm not sure if anyone is still paying much attention to this thread, but I am new to POE and jumped in with this build for 3.1. Can anyone take a look at my character sheet and give me some pointers on upgrades and gear issues?

I walked through the campaign, but maps seems to have slowed quickly. T1 and T2 are not that bad, but T3 and T4 are slow and deadly. I can often end up one shot or near one shot and totems are just not killing things fast enough.


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