[No longer updated] Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Hierophant

I'm lvl 79 now, following this build and is very fun. I've spent 10-15c and until now I hadn't any problem. Just found one Ex, what Unique can I buy to "upgrade" my build, Void Battery?

Ok, just a quick question; you stated that cast speed is crucial for this build ----- and in your passive tree you haven't taken almost a single node for it...so, am i missing something or...?
bankai1009 wrote:

I’m looking for a league starter that farms Uber lab safe and also capable of mapping. Basically an all round build but more optimised for labs. I been playing jugg and slayer for awhile so wanted to try something different.

Would this build work for that? Is the starter gear budget friendly? And can it handle traps comfortably and occasional izaro or Argus hits?

Thanks all!!!

After playing this build for a while, I can tell:
- it is very effective
- it has nice clear speed
- it is boring as hell

If you are looking for a brain-akf-all-kill-wonder, then this build is your choice.

To pimp physical def, I can recommend to add Molten Shell on manual cast, it is easy armour and adds some variety in manual casts.

Good work at OP, but not my favorite.
Let's explore new playstyles - Play it your own way, not just like the others.
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I just did uber elder with this build on xbox. It's harder over there, since there is so much less items, but its possible. I adapted it to myself, not playing MoM, and using soul mantle instead CoD, 2 rare regular daggers, starkonja with 40% fb damage, kaom roots, rest of gear is rare items with res/life/dmg/cast speed if is possible. Build is great, thanks once again!
Could I use arc totems with this build guide?
What changes would I need to make to do that?
Shaper down! thanks for build) replaced faster casting for power charge on critical with 9 charges and 2 void batteries.
Noo my man this was my favourite build off all time. I used it over 30 times :'(
My dream has come to an end
snorkelsman wrote:
Noo my man this was my favourite build off all time. I used it over 30 times :'(
My dream has come to an end

So you know all about this build! You can keep update it :D
I want to do a pizzasticks again this league because it was a lot of fun and it was my first build that I actually managed to do well with.

Should I do either:

Anyone with suggestions, anything's welcome.
I do might want to use the new support gem too, multiple totems support.
For Inquisitor it's absolutely worth it (max 2 totems so 58% more dps) but Hierophant (max 3 totems so just 32% more dps) it maybe isn't.
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