PoE-ItemInfo Script (Version 2.3+)

TMilla0 wrote:
I'm having issues with the normal price check in Standard. When I use normal price check on an item, I get a list of items that have the same prefixes and suffixes as my item, but the tiers of the listed items will be much worse than the item I'm trying to price. Using advanced price check gives me the correct pricing, but takes a chunk more time to do than just using the normal price check. For example, I have boots that advanced price check tells me are worth 3 to 40 ex, but normal price check says they sell for an alt. I've looked at the settings, but I can't find anything that forces the normal price check to check the correct tier.

Price checking is the TradeMacro, this thread is only about ItemInfo (the Ctrl+C part).

I can answer your question though:
What you call normal price check is "search by name" which does not work (and can not work) for rare items. You need to use the advanced search and tick which mods you think are important. The script has no way of knowing which mods it needs to check and which to ignore.
TradeMacro: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757730
ItemInfo: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1678678
aRTy42 wrote:
when decoding 'Increased Poison Duration' it says 'Unprocessed essence mod or unknown mod'.

GGG changed the wording there, thanks for the report. Fixing it now, will be in the next release.

Your welcome! I believe I may have found another one and it is behaving a little differently:

Magic (blue) Cobalt Jewel of Bleeding

Attacks have 5% chance to cause bleeding
15% increased bleed duration

Ctrl+C yields no information, not even the error I mentioned previously.

Thank you for maintaining this awesome script.

The Summon Skeletons gem gave me the text: "No gem quality found. Please report it."
Pzrs wrote:
The Summon Skeletons gem gave me the text: "No gem quality found. Please report it."

Thanks! The script was checking for "Summon Skeletons" (like you wrote too), but it is "Summon Skeleton". Fixed locally, will be included in the giant feature update that is building up.
TradeMacro: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757730
ItemInfo: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1678678
from aRTy, Eruyome, dein0s, esunder

Three big new features:
1) Full rework of ItemInfo affix parsing (aRTy)
2) GDI+ display option (Eruyome and esunder)
3) Reworked .ini handling (mostly dein0s)

These changes are quite extensive and will likely bring a few bugs that were not found. This is a beta-release for that reason. Please report issues, preferably on GitHub.

1) ItemInfo affix parsing:
* The script handles potentially ambiguous mods completely different now. Multiple possibilities are shown when the script considers all of them fitting and the decision process has been greatly improved. This means in particular that hybrid mods are now almost fully supported. Please report items where the scripts results seem wrong. (A few cases currently remain unhandled, these will be fixed later. See the end of section 1 for details.)
* Flask mods are supported now.
* The user settings were reworked. Most "Display" settings were removed and replaced by new ones. Tell if you miss anything.
* Ingame tooltip changes:
** Implicit value ranges are shown now.
** The detailed affix overview has a header now (which can be disabled in the settings).
** Long notation of double ranges ("added damage" mods) is the default now. (settings option)
** A new notation for "multi tier ranges" has been introduced. These are shown when multiple mods overlap in a way that makes it uncertain which tier combination was actually rolled. They show the worst case range and best case range for the roll. Contrary to "double range" mods this does not mean that you can certainly get to the top roll (via Divine Orbs), it means your actual roll range is somewhere within the displayed ranges.
** All these notations aswell as new abbreviations get a 1 line info at the end of the tooltip when they are present.
** The top section with basic information and DPS calculation for weapons was rearranged. It includes a warning now when a low itemlevel lowers the item's max socket number. Furthermore Q20PhysDps got added.
* Currently unhandled affix cases:
** Weapons with #% increased Physical Damage, +# to Accuracy Rating and 5-10% increased Light Radius. (up to 4 mods mix)
** Tower shields with #% increased Armour, #% increased Stun and Block Recovery and +#% Chance to Block. (up to 5 mods mix)

2) GDI+ display:
* You can enable GDI+ in the settings menu, which results in a tooltip using the GDI+ graphics library. This alternative tooltip allows colour customization and transparency.

3) Reworked .ini handling:
* User defined settings will now persist between new version updates (proper INI file updating instead of overwriting).
* The script should now run correctly regardless of the selected keyboard layout, previously non-latin layouts like russian caused errors related to hotkeys on script start.
* AdditionalMacros hotkeys, their states and other configurations should be changed in AdditionalMacros.ini from now on.
* AdditionalMacros.txt was moved out of the user folder and shouldn't be edited anymore. The subfolder CustomMacros with it's user created/added/edited scripts serves its old purpose from now on.
* MapModWarning states should be changed in MapModWarnings.ini.

4) Other notable changes:
* The changed poe.ninja API endpoint is fixed.
* New AdditionalMacros:
** Ctrl + Alt + C opens an item on pathof.info for an advanced affix breakdown.
** Ctrl + Alt + Enter sends "/whois <lastWhisperCharacterName>" when keys are released (not when pressed).

5) Minor notes and bugfixes:
* Fixed Chance To Poison / Increased Poison Damage that was swapped.
* Chance To Bleed's data file was missing a | character so a value was not read properly.
* 3.0's new increased Cast Speed mod for ES shields was missing.
* 3.0's new increased Attack Damage mod for AR/EV hybrid base shields is now correctly considered as a prefix and not a suffix.
* Adapted rewording of jewel Bleeding suffix and jewel Poison Duration suffix.
* Fixed MapModWarning for "Monsters cannot be Stunned".
* Map Info: Lair Map upgrades to Mineral Pools (not Spider Forest).
* The gem quality info for Summon Skeleton gets displayed now (by not expecting "Summon Skeletons").
* Fixed a bug with increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills: There are two almost identical progressions, but the script only knew one. This is not a new change, but simply was never noticed. It is now correctly differentiated between 'on weapon' and 'on other item type' which shifts the T2 to T1 breakpoint from 37/38 to 36/37.
TradeMacro: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757730
ItemInfo: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1678678
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from Eruyome, aRTy

* Added a fix/workaround for the new and optional GDI+ tooltip causing FPS drops.
* Fixed ItemInfo/TradeMacro currency rate fetching/parsing (and ItemInfos currency stack conversion to chaos equivalent).
* Fixed MapModWarnings not working.
TradeMacro: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757730
ItemInfo: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1678678
from aRTy, Eruyome

* Uncertain mods in the affix overview no longer cause multiple lines with identical entries. This happened when a hybrid mod brought multiple variants to one part/line, but the other part/line was unambiguous.
* Flat +Def on non-armour pieces (like belts) is now handled correctly.
* Fixed an issue that could cause long .ini file write time.
* Fixed a bug about mismatching data of similarly named uniques.
* Fixed the double range display for unique items. The format "(a-b) to (c-d)" was displayed as "a-c|b-d" instead of "a-b|c-d".
* Fixed the MapModCount for tier 1-5 maps with the hybrid mod "Monster Life / Stun Immune".
* Fixed a bug with GDI+ causing FPS drops even if it was disabled. Having it enabled might still cause issues for you. (by Eruyome)
TradeMacro: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757730
ItemInfo: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1678678
Suggestion: if an affix already hits max tier of its item's ilevel already. add a character 'M' after T#.

Q: what does P,S on Tier section stand for?
edit: ah nvm, It's prefix&suffix
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from aRTy, Eruyome

* Included updates from the TradeMacro. Most importantly the "AdditionalMacros" now have a tab in the settings menu.
* Updates for certain 3.1 content:
** All new general item mods should be included (mostly new T1 mods)
** Full support for Abyss Jewels
** NO (!) support for Elder/Shaper mods yet
** Updated Gem Quality
** Included some of the new uniques. More will follow once the wiki situation is sorted out or at least better.
** NO (!) new map/divination card info yet. Also waiting for the wiki here.
TradeMacro: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757730
ItemInfo: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1678678
Those two affixes are outdated and should be updated to the current 3.1 values:

Rarity: Unique
Ahn's Might
Midnight Blade
Adds (80-100) to (160-190) Physical Damage

Rarity: Unique
Queen of the Forest
Destiny Leather
(240-380)% increased Evasion Rating

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