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I was having a discussion with some friends regarding the Increased Item Rarity Support and Simulacrum and whether or not the gem would have any effect given that the monsters do not drop items and the bonus effect is for killing monsters with supported skills.

In the same vein, can you clarify if this works for incursions, as well as blight maps (and any other instance where loot is "held" until the end), and delirious maps/encounters. Does the IIR support impact any/all of these drops, or just items from monster kills - though from my understanding blight/incursion is the monster kill rewards that are just kept for the end. What about the Timeless encounters with the Legion?

Any insight would be very much appreciated!
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Would it be possible clarify if a channelled skill counts as one skill invocation per attack and it's relation to the limit of one invocation per server frame?

More detail in my main thread:
IGN: Akimiya
Quick question;

Does Burn damage from Righteous Fire + Scorching Ray + Flame Wall stack?

I think it does, but I need to make sure I'm not gimped by using FW and not Firestorm.

Thank you in advance.
Quick Question:

Does the "Unyielding" node from the Juggernaut Ascendancy stack with "Disciple of the Unyielding" from the passive tree?
quick question,
why does not the node longshot (in the bottom of the passive tree) increase the damage of spark the further it travels?
hello I am writing here because I do not know where to post my issue.
I just got kicked after beating Drox and it did not give me my atlas stone. in total I have been kicked twice and there is massive pausing in the game.

p.s LOL nevermind it gave it to me but thank you anyway.
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Hi there!

I need way to trigger ON KILL in bossroom like Mino (no mobs).

One way I know is flask with two worms, but it is very tricky as they destroyed by my minions.

is there any other way to summon/create ENEMY creatures or trigger ON KILL without killing?
Aldonés wrote:
Hi, I have a question regarding linking both feeding frenzy and meatshield on skeletons. Since skeletons normally aggro anything in a wide range, would they still for example attack and have a chance to taunt if I a move far away? The only reason I want to link both at same time is for them to give me the feeding frenzy buff and act as a taunt mechanic at the same time againt bosses or when enemies get nar me since you can spawn them anywhere you want it's useful for drawing aggro from you or the rest of your minions and if they die is not a big issue. So my question is if they would still taunt and attack normally if I am far away.

Linking Feeding Frenzy + Meat Shield to any minion will cancel each other out. Whatever their default aggro range is is what they will have, and they will neither be aggressive nor defensive. Everything else the support gems do will remain.

Skeletons already have a further aggro range than FF grants and are naturally aggressive, so even if FF is linked to them they don’t benefit from the increased range stats, thus getting the dash bonus instead. With your setup they will definitely maintain the same range, but I can’t say 100% they will remain aggressive, though I believe they would.

You can also get minions have #% chance to taunt on hit from jewels, saving you an entire support gem. If you link FF to another minion (ie Golem), you still get the full damage bonus to skeletons, only losing the dash mechanic, too saving a support gem.

Hi sorry for late answer. Thanks for your answer, it is clear to me now that with my setup they remain with same aggro, they don't get the dash though, but they do taunt. Thing with chance to taunt on jewels is that is very little compared to the gem, hard to get or somewhat expensive and my only reason for wanting skellies to taunt is because my main damage come from baron zombies.
The spectres and skeletons are there for supporting, and skeletons for extra damage like the golem. I only link ff on skeletons on some boss fights where I want to swap ff for predator on my zombies so they don't aggro the boss right when I get on the arena and potentially get me killed.
I would try your option on jewels and maybe use the new quality blind gem on the skeletons but so far they work fine.
Thanks again.
Greyf24 wrote:
Hi there!

I need way to trigger ON KILL in bossroom like Mino (no mobs).

One way I know is flask with two worms, but it is very tricky as they destroyed by my minions.

is there any other way to summon/create ENEMY creatures or trigger ON KILL without killing?

Hi, you can equip an item like Speaker's Wreath which would make your minions unable to kill the worms unless they could ignite and then you use an igniting skill or a dot skill equiped on your swap weapon.

Otherwise than that if your minions do fire damage and can ignite maybe you could equipe them with elemental focus until you kill the worm but too slow.
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I've got a question about The Admiral unique body armour.

It has a modifier "Elemental Damage you Deal with Hits is Resisted by lowest Elemental Resistance instead".

Does this get inherited by traps/mines?

I'm currently using an arc miner where the "hit" procs Elemental Equilibrium, which would then give less resistance to cold and fire, so would each hit from mines proc EE, then subsequently take the unique modifier into account and do damage according to the lowest resistance?

It uses the term "you Deal", the same as EE, and mines proc EE as far as I can see, so I assume this works? It's hard to test this stuff without damage numbers/multiboxing/a training dummy!

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