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Hi, does Point blank affect The tail spike damage of herald of agony ?
"And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"
Is it possible to roll an Eyes of the Greatwolf with 2 damage taken as mods?
100% of cold damage taken as fire
100% of lightning damage taken as fire

I was wondering about the Death Aura skill granted by Death's Oath. The wiki states empower doesn't work for it, and any number of players will tell you that empower only supports skills granted by gems and not by items. However, when hovering over an empower gem, the tooltip that shows up indicates that the empower gem can indeed support death aura. The tooltip for death aura in the character sheet doesn't indicate any higher damage with an empower socketed though. Which way is it? Does empower support death aura or not? (If not, then the pop-up tooltip should perhaps be changed.)

Thanks for an awesome game btw! :)
So I'm using Burning arrow with Sudden Ignition, meaning I can inflict two ignites on any enemy instead of one, and also using Ignite Proliferation.

My question is, do enemies with two ignites on them proliferate both? Can the enemies around it be burned with both ignites? Taking that one step further, would that mean that an enemy within the proliferation area of two seperate enemies with one ignite on them could possibly take damage from each?

I feel like the answer to both questions is no, but I still wanted to ask, and it was practically impossible for me to test myself.

Thanks in advance
Divano wrote:

dunno if this is the right place:

"increased Minion Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently" do work with Herald of Agony? I mean, the increased damage is always active cause I have the HoA up or I have to spam some other "minion skill" to have the incresed damage?


You would most definitely have to spam another skill to get the effect, since you "use" the herald skill only when turning it on.
Cynooo wrote:
There is a veiled mod that says: "Non-Vaal Skills deal (41–50)% increased Damage during Soul Gain Prevention"

Does this work with minion skills? I first brushed it aside, nothing works with minions unless it specifically mentions it. But this gives a bonus to skills, just like support gems which obviously work just fine with minions. So now I'm not sure, any help?

With minion skills, skills themselves do not deal damage, they just summon the minion. Which is why the tooltip does not display any damage value for minion skills. So definitely not.
Psycotoniik wrote:
Hi, i'm curently using CoC + cospri. My setup was on body armour CoC - hypothermia - cyclone - ice nova - increased critical strike chance - ele focus and on cospri vortex - frostbolt - arctic breath. I saw on a video that if we run spell echo on ice nova it will proc twice as much on my frostbolt? So i took out ele focus and use spell echo and replaced vortex with ele focus. It's so fast i can't really tell if there is a diference and the tooltip is not helping. Could someone help me about this?

Thank you :)

Spell echo only works with self cast, you can't use it with CoC. You should be able to see on the tooltip that adding Spell Echo doesn't add an icon, or the "Spells repeat an additional time" text.

How effective the "50% increased damage with hits and ailments against XY" mod REALLY is?
Because honestly, I can't say I see or feel any difference. And I have 50% against pierced and 50% against bleeding - both should have near 100% uptime..

Tooltips are useless for it as they don't take that under consideration. Path of Building still doesn't have Crimson Storm bow to check.

I'm trying to determine if items with those mods are effective enough to justify wasting a slot that could be fitted with a better rare or not, because I have WAY too many uniques on me and it's making increasing HP impossible at this point.

It's making it impossible to advance past T10 maps with my pure phys archer. By that point I'm already at severe risk of being 1shot and by t10 my damage also feels rather underwhelming as well (well tough luck I guess, it won't get any better anymore as I can only scale pure phys so far, and further leveling is way too slow)

recently I was thinking of another flicker strike build. Some time ago, there was a variant presented in "Build of the Week" using The Red Trail and The Golden Rule to consistently generate Frenzy Charges.

I tried to alter this build to use Discharge, but I came across the problem about triggering order of "on crit" and "on hit" effects.

Given this setup:
The Red Trail
The Golden Rule

When I now use (given the fact that I am bleeding already):
Flicker Strike - Cast on Crit - Discharge

Two things would happen while I am bleeding and in case Flicker Strike deals a critical strike:
1. I get a Frenzy Charge for hitting an enemy while bleeding
2. Discharge triggers as a result of Cast on Crit and consumes all charges

So now my question:
In what order do e.g. "on crit" and "on hit" effects are being triggered. Additionally I am curious about the order of effects of items and passives.

Kind Regards

I'm new to this game. Is onslaught support cyclone? POB doesn't calculate the extra dmg when I check the onslaught buff.

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